Age play fetish

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Did reading that title send a little shiver down your spine? It use to do the same for me too. There were no spaces for Littles, Bigs, Middles, or those who were happy to interact with them. What kind of fucked up play is that? I would often think to myself, too fogged by my own judgement to inquire more.

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Anyone within earshot must have felt the same because an admission of those statements were often left hanging in an awkward air of silence until a quick subject change was bulldozed in. It was something a lot of kinksters did in the privacy of their homes, I now think out of fear, embarrassment or worse…shame. This community is the one place people should feel okay to express themselves without judgement.

I wanted to understand it. I wanted to view it. I wanted to witness it for myself and most of all I wanted to know if there were a place for me in it…even thought I knew absolutely, there was not. Diapers, pacifiers, bottles, baby talk? Umm no thanks. Apparently I am one really weird person…and I love it. Today I am proudly a loving Mommy and a strict Daddy to certain people in my life and my Age play can involve any or none of the things Age play fetish want, including those above.

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What I have come to learn about Age play was simple. The more I was exposed to it the more I enjoyed watching others enjoy it. When it was hidden away and shunned, it was unknown and the unknown can be scary. It was shrouded in such secrecy I assumed the community on a whole was equally uneasy about its presence. I am happy to see the kink being embraced in all forms. Age play is not pedophilia an often gross misconception which is actual sexual feelings directed towards children and is totally illegal and I am in NO way condoning that.

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I am not a particularly maternal person but something about watching an adult pleasantly and willingly regress is hot. Like most BDSM activities their responsibilities, worries, stress, and overall negative day-to-day emotions melt away and are replaced by the feelings of being young, naive, playful, and unguarded.

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All because they feel safe with the person they are deciding to share this with and hand them the baton of responsibility and protection. The dark part of Age Play has been a natural and gradual move for me and is a space I hold dearly for those I trust. Her age play fetish kink is normalizing kinky lifestyles across the board and thus she can often be found writing on her blog From Mundane To Mistresschatting away on podcasts, teaching classes, demos, or presenting locally in the Washington, DC area, New York, and sometimes across the pond in Europe.

Think of it this way. The spanking was a real punishment, the tears were real but it was given because the Adult figure cared and loved them enough to discipline them. Wanting only the best for that. The little is often wanting to be able to shed the daily need to be a responsible, mature adult.

They know that the structure and yes discipline is there but they can freely go back to a time when things were new, fun and exciting. They enjoy creating that structure and discipline for their partner. Beautifully explained! Thank you for sharing your insight on this. I feel as if you were in my mind, gathering so many of my thoughts, organizing them, and then laid them all out. Kudos to you. At that point, when the punishment has been delivered, I am a good girl, once more. Thank you again, SteamyKnight! Excellent write-up! There was always a pt of me that was a little apprehensive of sharing because of the stigma surrounding this kink.

Keep pushing your boundaries to age play fetish the acts you feel most attuned to to further your growth in this area. You want a grilled cheese with no crust? Back rubs until you fall asleep in my arms? Sport a onesies of favorite your animal for cuddles? Need someone to color or build Legos with? Feeling like nuzzling in a bosom would ease that mind chatter? Will I be sadistic and scribble on your ?

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Only if you want that. Yep I sure will. You better believe it. And if you have a favorite stuffie, well, expect me to hide it just for fun but only sometimes, promise. About the Author d20domme is unapologetically kinky after over 10 years in the community. D-types: Knowing the Other Side. Share this: Twitter Facebook Reddit. Like Kink Weekly? Support us on Patreon! Become a Patron! We love you! Visit here to enable ad-free browsing. Sale — today only Quality lockable wrist cuffs.

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Age play fetish

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