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Main Pirate Manifestation ยป. Once upon a time, I had a roommate who was a wonderful raw foods chef. Chef Anna Masteller offered classes through Whole Foods and other venues in Monterey and Santa Cruz county, as well as potlucks that built a great raw food community and allowed us all to try our not cooking skills out with each other. We're talking hippies, since you asked. Sparkly, clear-skinned hippies. Sometimes, Anna let me be her lovely assistant She, in turn, provided me with an entire week of raw cuisine for my first year at Burning Man. I've never eaten or felt better.

Then, I started dating cooks. I packed on pounds and though it has all been delicious, as I regain my health, I'd like to do it raw. A little more, at least. To that end, I attended meetup. We love meetup.

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That's the deal part. Raw food? I hear you. You're afraid I'm going to meet people like this: So you know, smartie pants, this guy is Viktoras Kulvinskas, cutting-edge researcher and raw food pioneer. For 40 years he's been a raw foods authority. In the s, he founded Hippocrates Health Institute.

This is Dr. Jameth Sheridan not his stripper name, fyi who is a leading researcher on the effect of raw vegan foods on health and healing. He established www. I didn't meet him, so you know.

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Which is fine. But seriously. Look at those arms. That microphone is obviously heavier than it looks. I looked for a photo of my friend Anna online. There's a truckload of articles about her, but no photos. Which is too bad. Her skin and eyes are also enough evidence for anyone who is considering what a raw food diet could do for them--just in case Dr.

Beefcake isn't convincing enough. Ya Know, when ya promised proud Pappas like me that they can start their day off with some digital brightness from their brilliant daughter, they are sooooooo sad when they sit down with their Half Caf with a ton of Hazelnut fake shit in it and click and nothing.

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Sad, Sad, Sad. Posted by: Dad March 01, at AM. Fast forward to Get ye to Rawednesday, when chef Anna prepares weekly four course raw vegan edible art. Better make a reservation. She has a deal with Michael Brown who opened sadly the only vegetarian restaurant on the Monterey Peninsula at this time called Julias Vegetarian, located in the Forest Hill shopping center on Forest Ave.

As Anna has seasoned so has her menus. Check out Food in the Nude on fb for lots of pictures of her and her food. Bon Appetite all you veghe. You won't be sorry. Walk the dog. Hail, the Chubby Pirate! Pirate Xmas! Culture Shock Did you have pi last week? Don't hate me because my dog is beautiful.

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The Big Picture Skinny. It wouldn't be so, so bad if I met people like this. PDX Digs.

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Carol merrill nude

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