Cash out dick pic

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A recent studywhich was presented at the Society For The Scientific Study of Sexuality last November and will be published in The Journal of Sex Research in the near futurefound that men really do think women like their unsolicited nudes. Apparently, the research found, men who send women unsolicited photos of their penises are — surprise!

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Watch: When is it acceptable to send a dick pic? Story continues below. For this new report, more than 1, straight men, ages 16 to 75, were measured on levels of narcissism, exhibitionism, sexism, and endorsement of sexual behaviours. Just under half of them 48 per cent reported having sent an unsolicited dick pic — a logical statistic, considering almost half of millennial women report having received them.

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Most of these men were white, married or in a serious relationship, college or university educated, and about Why are men, or at least men who also happen to be narcissists, sending dick pics that were never asked for? This idea, confirmed in the study, runs counter to a common belief, which is that straight men are sending dick pics to assert power or control.

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Many people have theorized that men deploy these photos as a way to be crude — to respond sleazily to an opinion expressed by a specific woman, or to display a pointed hatred for women in general. Is this really so? The study also found that men who send women unsolicited photos of their phallus are no more sexual, no more oversexed, than those who choose not to. Is being more vain than someone else so categorically bad, or is modesty just an aspirational virtue? Nor do I believe, even in the slightest, that gay men are any more or less prone to being offended should they find that, while they were out buying peaches or probiotics, some random guy decided to send an artless photograph of his penis.

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Cash out dick pic

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What Unsolicited Dick Pics Tell Us About The Men Who Send Them