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Dragon Medical One offers markedly improved performance that includes enhanced accuracy, greater responsiveness, and fewer episodes of dropped text. Users who have tried Dragon Medical One consistently report a ificant improvement in their experience. In addition, as a cloud-based solution, Dragon Medical One is far easier to maintain and upgrade, there is less chance of profile corruption, and Dragon now can be accessed remotely — a recurring request from our users. Performance : Accuracy and responsiveness are ificantly improved in Dragon Medical One.

Users report far fewer errors, even when speaking rapidly.

Dragon Medical One also accommodates users with accents far better than the version. Instead, you can start using the voice recognition software right away. Instead, Dragon is accessed through a button on the Epic toolbar, and your Dragon profile is automatically loaded using single -on technology. After you access the new version for the first time, Dragon will launch automatically when you select the Dragon button. PowerMic Mobile : If you have an iPhone or Android, you can download an app that allows your phone to serve as the power mic, making remote use and mobile use seamless.

After the upgrade, contact your clinical informaticist with the address used on your mobile device, and the application team can help you set up PowerMic Mobile.

Remote Access : Dragon is available anywhere you can access Epic. That means if you document from home or other remote sites, Dragon finally will be available using PowerMic Mobile. The buttons on your power mic must be reprogrammed when you start using Dragon Medical One. We plan to roll out a standard mapping of common Dragon commands. We plan to roll out a suite of common step-by-step commands for Oregon users.

We can provide assistance with that transition after the go-live. To simplify this, you may want to configure your Epic toolbar menu to add the Dragon button.

There will be subtle differences in the new program, but the experience from other users tells us that Dragon Medical One is a welcome upgrade. In case there are issues for some providers, the current Dragon Network Edition will remain available for a brief time. Our Dragon team will be on site during the go-live to assist users.

In addition, clinical informaticists will be available to help. What will change?

Dragon providence mobile

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