Feeder fetish

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Most level-headed folks would agree that what you do in your own bedroom with another consenting adult human is entirely up to you.

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OK, she was off base about Chris Brown and domestic abuse is all kinds of sad and wrong but anybody who will put up with your non-assault related pecadillos, in or out of the bedroom, is likely a keeper.

Besides, most people have a fetish. In fact, lots of really basic fantasies qualify as such. Note: the following video is not completely irrelevant here.

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Side note: these layman's fetish names are far less creative than they need to be. Check out her story below. During the relationship she was consuming about 13, calories a day. About eight times the recommended daily intake for a woman. It brought her up to around lbs. A quick instagram search of gainer or feeder will prove just that. Plus, I'm from Quebec, where poutine was born. It is life. Indulging from time to time is awesome and necessary and we all come in different shapes and sizes.

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Thankfully, Sanchez left her relationship and about lbs behind. Good on her. But after looking at some of these Instagram s, fetishes like Formicophilia sexual arousal from ants or insects crawling on or biting you or Forniphilia getting off by pretending to be an inanimate object like a coffee table are sounding downright healthy. And not an enabler.

Treating yourself and loving yourself are not always the same thing. We're looking at you, Guy Fieri. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram.

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Or Your Partner. Print Marc Beaulieu. .

Feeder fetish

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