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Limited time Coupons. Are you on the lookout for a spot for your next BDSM getaway? BDSM is more fun and pleasurable when the environment is right. Imagine a private outdoor location where you can let out your screams of ecstasy without fears of intrusion, fetish vacation the sun or the moon majestically complementing the already beautiful moment. There are a couple of such spots, and we will take a look at them in this article.

There are trained subs acting as valets who move your bags, serve you foods and beverages, and are open to helping you with massages and other forms of pampering. The facility demands that you seek and gain their consent before touching any of the valets. There is just one guest room in the manor, although the place manages to accommodate over travelers in a month. It is a common practice for subs to sleep in the dungeon while their partners camp out in the backyard.

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Not surprisingly, kinky travelers are getting more options when it comes to BDSM travel destinations and accommodations. There is also a full-length cage, a vac bed, a whipping bench, as well as a St. Andrews Cross, among others. The management of the facility guarantees guests a the upmost sanitary stay — everything being disinfected in between guests. Fetish vacation site is situated in Italian Riviera. Although the management of this facility has managed to stock its website with irresistible sales pitches and copies, they seem to offer just the right facilities for SM fans.

Yes, the facilities are not luxurious standards, but they sure get the job done, especially their full-size outdoor cage.

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Apart from being the pioneers of this trend, they seem to offer the best out there. The platform boasts of a directory that includes about bookable rooms spread across more than 40 countries worldwide. According to its CEO, Darren Mckeeman, guests who rent more frequently will get more stamps from different top dungeons, which will, in turn, raise their chances of getting approved in new dungeons and SM locations.

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While the concept of bed and dungeons has not been around forever, something similar in the form of dominatrix has existed all along. According to Anne O. Nomis says that the slaves are usually locked in a cage until the dominatrix comes around to try different treatments with them.

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Last on our list is Esemar — a getaway destination that amazingly indulges guests in between sessions. Despite being an outdoor play space, Esemar is known for its great atmosphere and privacy, with tall woods surrounding everywhere. So pack your oxy gears and hope on a place — an extravaganza experience awaits.

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