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Like many women, Cleo enjoys being spoiled and over the years has amassed quite a collection of gifts. There's deer shoes, jewellery and perfume, even cash sums deposited in her bankall sent by her devoted admirers. The unusual part is that she has never met any of them, because for Cleo this is purely business. A 'fin-domme' makes money by issuing orders to usually wealthy men. Illustration: Michael Mucci.

A financial dominatrix in Britain, she makes money issuing orders to the usually wealthy men who contact her online asking to do her bidding. Her dozens of clients — although she prefers to call them her "pets" or "pay pigs" — range from high-powered company executives to suburban husbands.

Credit: Richard Semik. Fin domme may sound like something of a niche market, but search online and there are any of fetish websites based all over the world on which "fin-dommes" as they are known colloquially tout for business. It extends to Australia, with a Google search revealing several Australian fin-dommes running blogs or Tumblr profiles, or advertising on sites such as HePays.

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But with most relationships conducted online via Skype orit's a form of "business" that can be conducted anywhere in the world. It has, to date, remained largely underground, although it gained some notoriety this month in Britain fin domme it emerged that a year-old girl who had exchanged lewd texts with a well-known Labour MP had been working as a financial dominatrix for a year before they made contact.

Using the moniker "Goddess Rosalie Von Morelli", Sophena advertised online for "money slaves", selling her services to men who would pay for the pleasure of receiving her orders, whether performing menial tasks, buying her gifts or purchasing everything from her toenail clippings to used underwear. And one which can prove very lucrative for the women on the receiving end, as Cleo, 43, can testify.

She has been working as a fin-domme for four years from her modest suburban home on the US east coast, and while she still has a regular office job as well, she estimates that her extracurricular hobby brings in hundred of dollars a month. The product of a self-confessed ordinary childhood, she fell into the fin-domme world after stumbling upon it on a fetish website, and now has dozens of regular clients or all ages and incomes. It all depends on their needs and fetishes.

What they have in common is that they are offering their hard-earned money for almost nothing in return — although that, Cleo says, is precisely the point. Certainly British-based consultant clinical forensic psychologist Mike Berry is not surprised by the dynamic. The fix, the thrill, comes from handing over responsibility to someone else and embracing the risk that comes with that. It is a total contrast from the rest of their life and that's the attraction, along with the secrecy.

That's certainly the case for one "pay-pig" who spoke — on condition of anonymity — to an online news site two years ago. The manager of a large company, he was married with children and lived an outwardly respectable life. Behind the scenes, however, the majority of his disposable income went to fin domme "beautiful goddess" he was "born to serve". In fact, in general, according to Goddess Nia, a year-old full-time fin-domme based in the US, the more high-powered the client the greater their need for humiliation.

They've spent their whole lives making money for other people. They want to release that," she says. Goddess Nia makes her pay-pigs — she also calls them her "subs" — fill out an application form and send her a "tribute" ranging from cash to an item from her "wish list" before agreeing to work with them. I neglect them all,"' she says. A typical interaction, she claims, is centred around haughty abuse. I said, 'did I ask you to rate me on some misogynistic scale? If it sounds like easy money, however both Cleo and Goddess Nia are anxious to insist there is skill in what they do.

I love the money, but it's the thrill of working out how to dominate someone financially, emotionally and sexually that gives me the real thrill. It's just empowering," Goddess Nia echoes. Undeniably, however, there is a sexual element fin domme proceedings for their clients, even if it is not overt.

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Some may feel guilty over the money. And while power is an aphrodisiac for many, for the powerful it may also be a relief to be submissive. And the internet of course, allows for all these nuances: while some fin-dommes — Goddess Nia included — do sometimes meet their "pigs" in person, most interaction takes place online affording even greater freedom, as Berry emphasises.

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There is a loss of a sense of reality. Brandon Wade sees it slightly differently. The founder and chief executive of matchmaking website seekingarrangement. It's a sentiment echoed by Cleo, who believes the biggest misconception about her work is that it is somehow weird. Everyone likes different things and some brave people will admit it. Meet the women working as financial dominatrix - fin-dommes - who'll take your money and insult you. Please try again later. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Fin domme

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