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I do travel a lot as well which is a bonus. Regular life: I work hard, love to use my hands. The gym is my second home and I love to try and stay healthy and in shape. And if you want to know all my Disney picks, ask me! Find a daddy dom online are you looking for in a partner: someone who is honest, loyal, caring and truly wants this lifestyle!

I love a good brat challenge and I want someone who craves to please me both mentally and physically as much as I desire to do the same for them! I love someone who is fun and outgoing! Exhibitionism is big for me, but I leave that there for now lol.

Preferred Little Titles: princess, little one, baby, baby girl anything along the lines of those. Big activities: going for runs or watching tv Little activities: coloring, playing with toys or going ni ni. What are you looking for in a Partner: not a fake dom, someone who wont hate my brattiness and can put up with me. I like when my Daddy does…: rubs my tummy, cuddles and colors with me, takes naps with me, and watches tv with me or tells me im too little to do something.

Big Life: im a graphic de student who loves playing video games and reading manga and stephen king. Little Life: i like to wear diapers occasionally sexually and non sexually but i have a hard time regressing. I like when my Mommy… feeds me yummy food and cuddles but also delivers punishment if necessary. I would like for my dom to be able to play with me. I also enjoy coloring or sleeping sometimes.

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Someone who can be themselves and not care what others think. Someone who can be just as crazy as me. Someone who can be supportive to me not only my lover but be my friend at the same time. Helps me keep my life organized in a way. Or you can contact me on tumblr tekaylasxks. Originally posted by pi-la. About Yourself: I love Disney everything, I like to read and paint. I also love cuddles with blankets. Little life: I love my stuffies and I love to color and create things with my hands.

I also love nap time. What are you looking for in a partner: someone who makes me feel safe and cared for. I need someone who can handle giving cuddles and reassurance. I like it when daddy does: I like it when they comfort me and gives me cuddles. I also like to be babied.

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I tend to be shy and quiet at first. I have a little baby voice. I do enjoy working out, outdoor activities and just going on adventures in general. I also like video games and can be a nerd at times! Big Life: My big life is usually busy and stressfull but I work full time and I have a couple friends that I like to hangout with when I am free.

Little Interests: Cuddling! Big activitie - going shopping and favorite little activitie is building forts!! Someone that is willing to work with me around any inconveniences we every face, as well as someone who is big on communicating because communication is very very important to me! Someone sweet and caring but also strict when they need to be because i can be a brat at times.

I like when my Daddy does…: I like when Daddy does all the adult stuff! And is caring towards me, gives me rules, guides me through life. Best way to contact me: through my tumblr - dumbbabydoll57 or through my snapchat which is koda About Yourself: I like to draw, listen to music and read books. I like going to parks and out to eat. I also love trying new things.

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My favorite colors are pink, red, purple and light blue. I graduate this year I will be going to college in the fall. I work as a hostess at a restaurant. I live with my my stepdad and mom. Little Life: I like to be spoiled and loved on. I am a brat at times and like to be degraded and praised.

Big item: Phone. Little item: my fav stuffie bunni, koffee. Big activities: listening to music and painting. Little activities: cuddling, playing with my stuffies. I have 8 stuffies. My bear stuffies name is mr. What are you looking for in a Partner: Caring, loving, supportive and overall an amazing person. I want a real dom and not a fake. I want to be able to trust my partner. Lastly, I like when they control pretty much every aspect of my life. Me love all movies and my favorite TV shows are spongebob and sofia the first. What are you looking for in a Partner: someone who is understanding of my boundaries and of what i can or cannot do.

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He should be caring and kind and treat me like a good girl I find a daddy dom online. Who appreciates my quirks and loves both of my spaces. He should be respectful and. I like when my Daddy does…: gives me kisses and back rubs and cuddles. Motivates me to study and checks up on me and helps me in my bad days.

Things that I Dislike: daddy being forceful without understanding my problems, being impatient and scary, shouting and forcing me to get sexual right away, asking for selfies immediately. Deal Breakers: voice calls, knife play, men pretending to be young. Forcing me to send them my pictures. Big Life: college student full time art major!

I love all things art or craft and creativity. I am disabled. I have CMT which is a type of muscular dystrophy in my legs. I loveeee sunsets especially when I get to sit outside in my backyard and paint them. I love picnics and starry night skies.

I drink on occasion. A glass of cherry wine never hurt nobody. Or listen to little asmr stuff on YouTube. Big Interests: Art. And my YouTube channel. I also really enjoy making TikToks. Someone who is kind and caring and gentle and patient. Someone willing to put up with my brattiness but is also very gentle. I like when my Daddy does…: plays with my hair or tells me how pretty I am.

Kisses my forehead or tickles me. Listens when I ramble instead of telling me to shut up. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Big Life: I work full time, and I struggle with some mental health issues. Preferred partners age: Preferred partner role: daddy dom What are you looking for in a partner: someone who makes me feel safe and cared for. Best way to contact me: tumblr- Sammi-little.

Find a daddy dom online

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