Fly swatter spanking

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Does it matter what object is used to spankor do you view them all the same? If you are against spanking with objects, are you against spanking in general, or do you view an open hand as ok? I really don't get what the hype is anyway. I was spanked as. I wasn't emotionally traumatized, and I love my parents, I don't fear them.

When my dad was home, we would get spanked with his belt. When he wasn't home and his belt wasn't available because he was wearing itmy mom would use a fly swatter. For a while my parents were into making things with leather. My mom made my older brother a belt with his name imprinted on it, and one time my dad wasn't home, so she used the belt he made him.

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Anyway, my kids used to be little hellions. I tried every trick fly swatter spanking the book, watched all the Nanny type shows and followed their advice. None of it worked, even when I was consistant. Then one time my mom visited and witnessed my kids in action. She suggested I paddle their little butts with a fly swatter. At first I didn't go for it, but eventually gave in. My kids shaped right up. I haven't even needed to spank them in a while, because just the threat of it is enough to get them to behave. I don't know why I didn't try it sooner. I guess I was caught up in the whole anti-spanking movement of today's society.

And feel free to call the authorities, spanking with objects is completely legal in my state. Do you want a gold star? What lessons will your chid have learned from being spanked that are going to help them be upstanding citizens and motivate them to make the right decisions? I dont spank with objects, nor will I ever.

If I do spank which is very rare its very lightly on the butt. You can not tell how hard you are hitting with an object which is my biggest issue with it. My philosphy is that if it hurts your hand you did it to hard. If you leave a red mark you did it way to hard. I would use spanking as the absolute last resort, i'm hoping i'd never make it to that point. I was spanked once and that was enough for it to be used as a "scare tactic" and was never spanked again, and it didnt even hurt.

Fly swatters really do hurt though, so no i would fly swatter spanking use a fly swatter- or a belt etc. I'm not anti-spanking, but I don't spank if that makes sense. I see how a swat on the butt with some kids might work, and I understand the point to an extent. But I never found it to work with mine, she is a hard ass and it would just make her more mad and it just made me feel shitty. How charming. Your kids sure are lucky to have a mom that brags about hitting them with a fly swatter. It's one thing to spank your kids and quite another to revel in it.

I was spanked mostly with the belt and I remember being spanked twice with my moms sandal.

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I turned out pretty decent. Do I spank my kids? Very very rarely as I dont need to do so because other punishments work so much better. With ODD, when she acts out in school talking too muchshe gets to come home and write. If she's giving me tude or lip, her toys get taken away from her for the day. There are times where I've made her run suicides. NEVER and object.

ETA: i was spanked only when needed and i turned out fine. In the state I live in, it's illegal to use any object other than an open hand.

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So all else aside I'd never use an object bc I don't want to lose my job and go to prison. That said, a fly swatter is flimsy plastic. I can't imagine it hurting nearly as much as a wooden spoon or a belt, both of which usually leave marks. If it's over the clothing, then it's hardly going to hurt at all. I don't think it's great parenting, but I'm not really worked up about it either.

I've been spanked with a shoe,belt and hand. I will spank with a shoe,belt, and hand. But no brushes, belts or fly swatters! My mom hit me with a belt and a brush and I hated it. More posts in "Debate Team" group. Create post in "Debate Team" group.

Fly swatter spanking

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