Fuck tonite

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Hell yeah How many Ladies wanna fuck tonight? We do, we do Ey yo, I once had a bitch named Chilly And she wouldn't do it my way So I slapped the bitch silly That 64 Chevy hopin' blowin' on trees With nasty Nicole Young blowin' on any tease So you bitches didn't expect that Tha Row is back But with a twist in youth authority my hoes come back, now how I act off the cognac Lay 'em down flat beat the dick to the cat, you top notch hood rat I love bitches in fourth quarter fuck 'em in clutch Got your baby mama fiendin' for dick, she wanna fuck now Don't be mad if I bless you and hit her and Don't be mad cause I like 'em fly in short skirts And my money you'll never get it with the stick I'm sick with it, I made her cum quick with it When the young Wood hit it like different Yeah I'll be strokin' and leavin' the Pussy open When I'm in it, it ain't no joke and get your whole back broke Now do my niggaz wanna fuck tonight?

We do, we do [Verse 4: a Rule] Baby I don't regret shit, what time is it to live reckless Pushin' the six at times I get my dick licked I'm childish, one of a kind, one in my own And I'm about to take you freak hoes the devils a fuck tonite And touch your lips, and better off fuck the lips The more positions the better I been here for whatever see, feel me I don't need weed to get high Some good head will make a fuck tonite kiss the sky No lie, cause if she ain't right, turn the lights off Put her on a summit and pump till your dicks' soft The Rule does it, street love, how I met cha Down to drug with the light buzz I respect it, cause if she know, I will Give you what you want, give you what you need Ugh, holla back, Rule baby Now do my niggaz wanna fuck tonight?

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Fuck U Tonite [Explicit]