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Register GayForum. Register. Unanswered posts Unread posts Active topics Incest Talk about anything and everything. Post a reply. Incest by Lormill » 22 MayYes, yes, I know I will probably be creating chaos and mayhem by addressing such taboo big surprise, coming from me. But I was thinking about making this thread for quite gay incest forums time, but I thought that most people here wouldn't be ready to discuss something like this but then I realized I was being judgemental, so Here it is.

Ever since I went all-in on accepting my homosexuality, I've been finding parts of myself that are still quite judgemental of others. And as I've said before, I've been working on it to try to be a more tolerant person. Many years ago, I read about the manga Angel Sanctuary.

And that is one hell of a slap in the face of anyone who's conservative of tradition and taboo and religion, and law Then, a few years back, I saw the documentary Incest: The Last Taboowhich made me think of the subject from quite a neutral perspective. Now, a few days ago, I read online about the story of a kid who had made a catfish and was sexting his father by pretending to be a random girl. They have exchanged videos and pictures, but his father never suspected a thing.

The guy was obviously very much into it. But then I thought: So? As long as it's just a fantasy and they don't go through with it.

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But then I thought: So what if they went through with it? As long as it was a one-time thing. But then I thought: So what if it wasn't? So what if they'd be together? Let's be honest, the only good thing about being gay is not having to worry about unwanted. And the risk of congenital disease of the offspring is the only thing that sustains the moralistic argument that relatives should not be together, ever. Other than that, is merely religious and social pressure. The reason I'm making this thread is because it is a topic close to some gay people, I believe.

As I said, no kids, the whole "daddy" fantasy, domination As I mentioned before, even though I'm a top, I like daddy types. And still, I've never even fantasized about my dad. I did went through Edipus when I was young, but it was with my mom, when I wanted to sleep at the same she did.

That was around I wanted to know gay incest forums you guys thought about it. Can two relatives be together? Because the fantasy is certainly out there for many people. What if they loved each other? Should religion and society dictate what they can or cannot do? That's all I'm asking. Leave your thoughts, but be respectful please.

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Re: Incest by xyz72 » 22 MayI don't mind it. None of the common arguments against it are convincing. Re: Incest by Marmaduke » 22 MayAs my Father always used to say to me; "Incest is wincest, but still, don't tell your mother".

Re: Incest by rxxli » 22 MayI don't see why there would be anything wrong with it. As long as you have two consenting adults. Why the hell not? Gay or straight, cousins, brothers, But still. I am not opposed to that either. Sure it could lead to problems in children. But if I remember correctly even the chances of that aren't that high. Plus, not everybody wants children. Incest, polygamous relationships, Who am I to tell you no? If all the parties involved agree to this and are old enough - go for it. Plus I have a thing for twins. Re: Incest by poolerboy » 22 MayLormill wrote: Yes, yes, I know I will probably be creating chaos and mayhem by addressing such taboo.

Blow: "Nowadays even Liam can release an album of his screechy vocals and it'll probably go Re: Incest by Lormill » 22 Maypoolerboy wrote: Bitch you're late to the party. Gay incest forums Incest by Lormill » 23 MayAnyway, if I may be so honest, I'm surprised how open-minded you're all being over such a controversial topic. Glad to know I was wrong.

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Yes, I'm also fine with it. When it comes to father and son, realistically speaking, I'm currently fine with it as long as that interest came from the son, to discard any possibility of abuse. I'm still a little bit sketchy when it comes to straight, unprotected relationships because of their possible children. Sounds to me a bit reckless, neglectful and egoistical. Plus, it's unnecessary. Just adopt, in that case. And these are just my current thoughts, of course. Re: Incest by acpro » 23 MayI think one reason people are put off by incest is because in practice it's often times gay incest forums consensual.

Many instances of young girls carrying their cousins or uncles. Or boys being raped by an older relative. I mean obviously that's not what you're talking about I don't think, although in your cat fish example the father wasn't exactly a willing participant in the incest. Re: Incest by Sherri » 23 MayIt should take generations of incest before genetic deformities would be noticeable. So even that argument is a moot point.

They echo in all who hear them. That is why I am here. Re: Incest by rogonandi » 23 MayI don't have anything against homosexual incest either as long as it's consentual. From some of the tumbr porn I've seen floating around there does seem to be a kind of pecking order depending on the kind of 'incest' portayed in it which is personally a turnoff. Re: Incest by poolerboy » 24 MayI'm only inclined to be against incest to the extent I'm inclined to be against doing business with family.

It could probably ruin a relationship but I'm not gonna go apeshit over it. I've noticed people who are against it are mostly against it because they find it icky and rationalize it afterthefact, not because they arrived at their position from pure reason. Re: Incest by Yeauxleaux » 25 MayI don't give a shit about incest tbh, it's gross to me sure, but from a moral perspective I don't see why it's such a problem. I definitely don't think it should be encouraged and celebrated, but I don't think it should be illegal.

The thought of being with any of my relatives is vile to me but that's why I'm not doing it. If other siblings or cousins want to fuck though, does it affect me? Parent-child incest even if the "child" is an adult I see being somewhat more iffy, since there's a power dynamic there that is manipulative and potentially abusive.

And yes as Gay incest forums said, I'm sure I read that it takes successive generations of incest for the genetic deformities to become commonplace and severe. It has been observed a lot in small island countries, where lots of couples might share some relatively recent ancestors even if they, as a couple, are not directly "incestuous" in the traditional sense. This can lead to health issues and "bad genes".

It's why it's so important for small island countries to have immigrants and emigrants to shake up the gene pool. Re: Incest by homomorphism » 26 Maypoolerboy wrote: I'm only inclined to be against incest to the extent I'm inclined to be against doing business with family. Re: Incest by poolerboy » 26 Mayhomomorphism wrote: poolerboy wrote: I'm only inclined to be against incest to the extent I'm inclined to be against doing business with family.

Re: Incest by York » 29 Mayincest is a fun for a whole family. Re: Incest by lightnight » 29 MayI think sex can be, and is used for asserting power and enforcing gay incest forums. People already get raped within marriage and dates and romantic relationships. I realize that this only proves that sex between adults who are family members isn't different than just sex between non family members, but my point is, why mix sexual relation drama with family drama?

Also, families do have roles and a power hierarchy that's enforced from the start your parents and older siblings have changed your diapers and taught you language etc so the power dynamic IS part of your psychology so no matter how old you get, you probably won't get control of the remote if you're younger etc and they can be misused and some parties are always at a disadvantage.

Just personal opinion though. Re: Incest by cxurujeto » 8 JuneCreeps me out and I find it fairly gross and if anything a big turn-off. But if you are going to do it then idk.

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Usually the problem with incest is a power dynamic. It is usually sexual violence such as rape or molestation. In the case where it's mutually consented, then do as you please but dont try to involve me. Re: Incest by Onur » 12 JuneHey, nice thread. Thanks Lormill. I think the key phrase is "consenting adults". Homosexuality was a greater taboo than it is now. That's why, I believe in the near future people in incest relationship will start to come out more.

Even some racist and homophobic people will start their remarks like "Gay people are ok, incest is way too much", just like they do now "Black and white marriage is ok, buy gay marriage is too much. When it comes to people underage, I am completely against it. I have read the case pooler posted and I am sorry for that boy, Mustafa. As a handicapped little boy, Mustafa might have a smaller gay incest forums compared to that of his peers.

In this small world, what his father says might sound him like a biblical verse to a believer.

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On the other hand, I saw some people recommended a female hooker. This is just a dilemma I cannot get out of. Mostly, women and some men who cannot get a decent? I doubt they would choose it if they had the chance. Still in practicality offering hookers as a solution does not seem fair.

It is just like some guilt-free products stopped testing on animals and started tests on the poor. I wrote so fast, sorry for the grammar mistakes gay incest forums typos if any. Re: Incest by Dechii » 13 JuneI don't see any problem with it, as long as both parties are adults and have given their consent, then I don't see an issue.

Side note, if anyone has read the books or seen the film series 'Flowers in the wind' it focuses on two generations of families who have incestal relationships between a brother and sister, it is an interesting plot to follow.

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Re: Incest by marom » 19 JuneFamilies are fucked up to start - now, you're going to toss sex into the mix How about this - if it goes wrong, don't ask outsiders for help cleaning up the mess? Eh, sex is a mess for most people, families are a mess for most people - put them together, what are you going to get but a mess? Mess squared. Return to General Discussions. Recently active Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot]ertiGoogle [Bot]Ilikebeerrogonandi and guests. Board index Who posted? The team Delete all board cookies. Log me on automatically each visit.

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