Girls who like dick pics

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Whenever I receive one now I send back a pic of the hugest, veiniest one-eyed monster I can find as my reply. Like, the equivalent in the s would have been just pulling your dick out in the middle of a conversation with a woman aka flashing them. People used to get arrested for that.

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First guys stop opening doors for women then they send sleepy ass pictures of their dicks. This is how civilization ends. Of course then the dick just becomes a part of a picture of his body and not the focus.

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In my perfect world, cameras are technically unable to take pictures of dicks, like mirrors and vampires. I do have a running joke with a girlfriend where we send one another pictures of dicks as a joke every few months.

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This is usually followed by dirty talk and mutual masturbation on the phone or a quick and dirty Skype call. No, no thanks, creeper. Secondly, it will get shown around to my girlfriends and they will also think you are gross. Like, it better be a religious experience unparalleled by all others.

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Girls who like dick pics

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