Hardcore girl names

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Some parents have also named their hardcore girl names after colors, countries, flowers, actors, and political figures. But some parents might want to keep it different by giving a badass name to their baby. Having a badass name does not imply that your child will grow into an unmanageable person. Here is our list of badass baby names. Some of these names are modern; some are inspired by your favorite celebrities, and others harken back to a time where badass was considered outrageous. Aella was the fierce Amazon warrior notorious for wielding a double-edged sword in Greek mythology.

Perhaps our Greek readers could help us with it. If you are looking for a badass name that is popular and familiar, go for Alice. This stylish and badass name is the short form of Alexandra. If you are looking for an extraordinary name for your one-of-a-kind little girl, then go for this name. She is also considered the first of the feminists.

The name also brings to mind the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. This feisty actor epitomized the bad girl by declaring her love for knives and wearing blood around her neck. Today, Angelina Jolie is an iconic actor and a humanitarian. Do you think your bundle of joy has a fine, artistic mind? Then name her Artemisia after one of the most badass artists of the Baroque era.

Artemisia Gentileschi achieved acclaim at a time when women were not even allowed to attend the art academies. Her rapist was convicted, but he did not serve his sentence. Dante saw Beatrice as a savior and one who removed all evil intentions from him. If you also feel the same about your little rebel, then name her Beatrice.

Bessie Coleman overcame racial discrimination and became the first African Hardcore girl names woman to earn a pilot. Bessie was pretty daring. She became a high-profile pilot and took part in notoriously dangerous air shows. This name evokes not just the Ivy League elitism but also high-stakes revenge schemes.

With her icy stare and flawless hairs, Blair Waldorf commanded both adoration and attention wherever she went. And Blair can be used for baby boys as well. Beretta is one of the most usable word names we have come across.

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This name has now entered the mainstream as a badass baby name. Just like Buffy, your little princess might also grow up to be upbeat and a natural leader. She may have a strong moral compass, values, and an unbent determination to do the right thing.

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Carol, aka Captain Marvel, is a female superhero fictional character from Marvel comics. She was created to be pretty badass and with a never-to-give-up attitude.

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She is daring, dashing, and takes head-on with Thanos. One such prominent personality is Carrie Underwood, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.

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Her never-give-up attitude has enabled her to overcome all the hurdles in life. She is such a badass that after experiencing a scary fall and injuring her face, she immediately started recording. A famous person with this name is Nurse and Red Cross founder Clara Barton, an American feminist who fought for gender equality. This name is inspired by the well-known French deer Coco Chanel who revolutionized the fashion industry. A daughter of a peasant and a street vendor, she went on to become the renowned fashion deer who ruled Parisian haute couture for six decades.

The fashion label she created is still a hot brand. She discovered that stars are primarily made up of hydrogen and helium when she was in grad school. She is pretty badass and loves motorcycles. If you are a die-hard fan of the series or the actress herself, then give your little girl this name. This name is associated with quite some brave women, both in fiction and real life.

Princess Diana of Wales is probably the most badass princess ever. She made her mark among the British royalty. She was not only bold with her decisions but is also known to be a great philanthropist. Diana Prince of the Amazon is the fictional character of Wonder Woman, who is a popular female superhero.

Her strong association with virtues such as honesty and sincerity could help your daughter excel in the future. Her tactfulness and intelligence changed the course of England and France. Give your little rebel this name if you want her to follow her heart and make a difference in the world. Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu was one of the first women to obtain an engineering degree in She busted the stereotype that women cannot become engineers and became a role model for many women to pursue their dreams. This may be a classic name, but many women in history who adorned this name were badass and did things that were an inspiration to all women.

Hardcore girl names such lady is her highness Queen Elizabeth of England. She is the longest-reigning monarch. If you are a fan of Ellen Degeneres, then name your child after her. She is known for her kindness and compassion and would make a wonderful role model for your little one. This name is inspired by women both real and fictional who were pretty badass. Affectionately known as Grandma Gatewood, Emma Gatewood 67 was the first woman to walk the Appalachian Trail solo in one season. She hardcore girl names completed the hike three times, the last one at the age of And who can forget Emma Watson?

She played the role of the bright witch from the Harry Potter series and became popular for her intelligence and cute looks. This name is inspired by the cosmetic company Estee Lauder.

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It is also known to be a feminine Norman French diminutive of the name Ava. Many badass women were given this name; one among them is Evelyn Witkin, an American geneticist. Her nursing work during the war made her a figure of public admiration. Because of her reforms, nursing gained the respect it deserved. This name is inspired by Gloria Steinem, who is known as the most famous American activist.

She was a feminist and was recognized as a leader and spokesperson for the American feminist movement in the late s. Grace Hopper was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer and was a pioneer of computer programming. She was a successful programmer in a male-dominated field and also served in the male-dominated U.

S Navy. She had a bounty on her head. This macho biker name has now traveled to the female territory. It was given to over girls last year, double the of baby boys named Harley. In the United Kingdom, Harley holds the 49th spot, not bad for a badass baby name. And we predict that it will climb even further. A girl with this name would not be afraid to be herself. If you want to inspire your daughter to be confident in her own skin and fight discrimination, then name her Hazel after Hazel Scott, a jazz and classical pianist, singer, and actor.

She was a performing artist and an outspoken critic of racial discrimination and segregation. She even refused to perform for segregated audiences and fought to improve the representation of Black Americans in films. She co-invented the early version of the frequency hopping spread spectrum communication for torpedo guidance, which helps transmit als without being jammed by a third party.

Irena Sendler was a braveheart who not only risked her own life to smuggle hardcore girl names, Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto but also helped create false identities to save them from the Holocaust. Ida Wells-Barnett was a brilliant American suffragist, journalist, and anti-lynching campaigner.

She wrote on the history and law of lynching and worked with multiple associations and organizations to advance African-American women. She even hardcore girl names the establishment of segregated schools in Chicago. Although the name reminds us of a sweet-smelling flower, it is adorned by a badass fictional Disney princess.

Jasmine from Aladdin is more than a pretty face. She is no ordinary princess and knows how to fulfill her dreams. She breaks the rules for the greater good and writes her own destiny. One such celebrity is Jessica Simpson, an American singer, actress, and fashion deer, who promotes positive body image and inspires young girls to feel comfortable in their skin.

Jessica could be a great name for your little girl.

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This name is inspired by Julia Morgan, who was an American architect and engineer. Give this name to your baby girl if you wish her to break stereotypes and fulfill all her dreams. Do you wish your daughter to become a famous activist and writer? She broke out of the prison aboard the Death Star and led the rebellion against the Empire. She is fearless on the battlefield and dedicated her life to end the tyranny of the Empire. Consider naming your little rebel Lilian after Lilian Ngoyi, who was a South African anti-apartheid activist.

Hardcore girl names

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