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Artist: Jimenez Family.

Artist: Neeru Goel. Artist: Aoy. Artist: Alok Jain. Artist: Neetu Barathi. Artist: Milagro Johanson. Artist: Graeme and Philip Watson. Glittering Gemstones, Artist: Vivek Nathany. Artist: Harshita Sharma. Artist: Cahya Krisna. Artist: Roy Nilson. Artist: National Geographic Jewelry Collection.

Artist: Gianluca Anzani. Artist: Matta. Artist: Parul. Artist: Ni Wayan Astiti. Artist: Kadek Hendra. Artist: Somluck Komolmith. Artist: Wayan Sarjana. Artist: Oscar Figueroa Escorcia. Artist: Teodoro Melendez and Family. Carnelian and Marcasite Link Necklace from Thailand. Artist: Narinee. Artist: Saranarat. Artist: Francis Iolite link. Artist: Gerty Schlager. Amethyst and Labradorite Pendant Necklace from India. Artist: Maria del Carmen Vargas.

Artist: Bhavesh. Artist: Maria Belen Nilson. Artist: Yuli. Artist: Selly Sagita. Artist: Jacqueline and Eddy. Artist: Bhavya Jain. Artist: Pakaon Sojintarit. Jasper and Recon Turquoise Necklace iolite link Thailand. Artist: Sareeyakarn. Artist: Sandra and Lily. Artist: Mary Geluda. Artist: Tipa. Artist: Jael Serna. Artist: Zandra Lorena Sajbin.

Artist: Martha Vargas. Artist: Maricarmen. Artist: Marina Guzman. Artist: Antarina. Artist: Ayu Widiani. Artist: Yan Fredy Bolivia. Log in Log in to see your rewards. Log in or create a free to see your current rewards, artisan impact level and shipping discounts. Handmade necklaces are incomparable works of wearable art. Each one is unique in shape, color, size and de. Artisans from across the globe offer their own distinctive style of craftsmanship.

In India, the vibrant colored gemstones have become a ature fashion statement. Balinese jewelry is characterized by ornate sterling tendrils set with tiny silver spheres. In Brazil, womens necklaces are often sleek and contemporary, with gemstones chosen for their particular energies. Many jewelry des from Bali and Central America feature hand-knotted macram, such as that used in Guatemalas popular friendship bracelets.

Iolite link finishes may show variations in metal patterns. No two natural gemstones share the same characteristics. Each necklace holds its own individualistic sense of beauty, making it evident that it was crafted by hand. Some even bear the artisans ature. Sustainable necklaces are deed with reusable materials, and each culture makes use of the objects and materials most readily at hand. For example, many Andean, Central American and Thai artists use repurposed wood. West African artisans use recycled paper, and be of recycled glass or plastic.

In Thailand, Mexico and Bali, coconut shells are often used. Indian artists sometimes repurpose silk from saris. And Brazilian artists collect discarded zippers and soda pop-tops to crochet into stunning, eco-friendly des. Many iolite link the world over work in lost wax.

They sculpt the image they want in wax, encase it in a mold, and pour molten silver or gold into it. The wax melts and flows out, leaving only the precious metal. However some artisans in Peru specialize in handmade silver and gold filigree, and some Balinese necklaces feature chains that are handwoven from slender metal strands. Karen hill tribe artisans in Thailand often use manual tools to stamp decorative motifs on fine silver. Other techniques include macram, beaded or gemstone strands, hammered metals, and carved wood or bone.

Precious metals and natural gemstones are the most popular materials for women's necklaces. Silver, gold and brass all provide durability as well as beauty.

Artisans also utilize local materials that can include coconut shells, bamboo, bright African print fabrics, ceramic be, natural amber, carved bone and bull horn. Both Peru and Mexico have rich silver mines and silver is used for traditional jewelry as well as contemporary des. Women's necklaces are versatile and come in many styles and lengths. They iolite link be layered or worn alone as a statement piece. Many des go with everything from jeans to office wear or an evening out on the town. The best thing about jewelry is that its a customizable form of expression that provides a sense of luxury and individuality.

When assessing the workmanship of a necklace, its helpful to pay attention to certain characteristics. For example, quality necklaces are balanced des that rest comfortably around the neck. Clasps are secure and work well, and gemstones and be are properly set. The precious metals should be nicely finished, and be should not be too tightly strung. Well-made necklaces reflect iolite link craftsmanship and attractive materials. Each culture celebrates its rich jewelry-making history through specific symbols and styles. For example, traditional West African be, which adorn many necklaces from the region, each have a story and a specific occasion when they are worn.

Others may feature the Ghanian adinkra symbols, which convey popular wisdom. In ancient Andean civilizations, the leaders apparel and jewelry showed their rank and also incorporated religious symbols. Similarly, necklaces from Bali often depict deities from the Hindu pantheon. In India, a womans jewelry is linked to her status in society and may depict Hindu gods as well as mantra symbols such as the omkara, the root of all sounds and the emblem of the Most High.

Angel necklaces and harmony ball necklaces are often worn by pregnant women in Bali and in Mexico.

The pendant makes a delicate bell sound, thought to soothe the mother and the baby she is carrying. Some believe it summons a guardian angel, thus making it a symbol of loving protection. Sweet, petite little hearts that go well with everything. I ve received lots of compliments on the piece. I really like this necklace! Because of my summer wardrobe I often wear it doubled a clasp is necessary to do so as opposed to full length, however, the sterling loops are surprisingly thin I expected a heavier weight. My only concern is that, if caught on iolite link article of clothing or something else, the links will easily bend out of shape.

I originally ordered this necklace to be a gift for my daughter in law, but its so beautiful I think I will keep it.

Write a review. The golden age of Indian jewelry arrived with the Mughal emperors in the 16th century. From turban to toe, rulers and their courtiers wore countless gemstones. So-called "sumptuary laws" even prevented anyone who wasn't a member of the royal family from wearing jewels.

This necklace captures a small facet of that splendor with a collection of dazzling gems encircled in 14k gold plated sterling silver. Blue topaz, amethyst, prasiolite and smoky quartz are ed in an intriguing and subtle color combination.

Modern and geometric, this necklace by Cahya Krisna links triangles, circles, and other sterling silver shapes in a sleek de. A sandblasted finish gives the necklace a unique, textured appearance. Exuding elegance and grace, this pendant necklace presented by Neeru Goel of India features iridescent labradorite and an impressive 12 carats of amethyst.

This sterling silver necklace is formed by ing delicate links together to create this radiant accessory. Perfect iolite link their beauty, garnet cabochons combine with faceted marquise gems. Neeru Goel presents this Indian necklace, which links together the gemstones with sterling silver. The link segment centers sterling chain. When it comes to gifts for mom, wife, or daughter, some may rush to the jeweler'sor their favorite boutique Certified clean packing environment.

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