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Millions of people around the world use Kik chat rooms to chat to their friends and family, and to meet new people online. A growingly popular thing to do on Kik Messenger is to use group chat. The Kik Messenger app offers its users the possibility of creating group chats or, in other words, chat rooms.

Before we go into how to find the best Kik Messenger chat groups or chat forms, there are a few things that we should explain about how chatting as part of group on Kik Messenger works.

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Kik Messenger is a wonderful of chatting to people and one of its best features is that it allows its users to create their own chat rooms. So, this means that if you cannot find a Kik chat room that offers you exactly what you need, you can always just go ahead and great one yourself. Starting your own group chat on Kik could not be easier.

Everyone can do as long as they are a Kik Messenger user. That is absolutely all it takes to start your own group. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps:. Once your group chat or chat room has been created, it is up to you to manage it.

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You can add any friends you want to at any time by using their user names. If you would like to add new Kik Messenger friends to your Kik group chat room, all you will need to do is to follow these steps:. Adding your existing friends may not always be the best way to go about making a Kik chat room exciting.

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If you want to have other Kik users, people with whom you may have not chatted yet, there are two main ways to go about this. Both ways involved advertising your Kik Messenger group chat on social media. If you tell your social media friends and followers that you have a Kik group chat going, you would be surprised how many people will in. To increase your chances, it is advisable that you use hash tags to attract more attention.

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If your Kik chat room has a specific purpose or focus do not forget to include that on your social media posts about it. Also, if you want to have some form of control over who s in your chat room, you could ask people to send you their user names privately or add them to your post.

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That way it would be up to you who you decide to add to your Kik group chat room. If you are less precious about who s in your group, the best way to easily advertise your Kik Messenger group chat room would be to use a Kik code. Sharing the Kik code for a group chat that you have created will mean that anybody who finds it out there will be able to in as long as they too, of course, use Kik Messenger. If creating your own chat room on Kik Messenger and then trying to find people to in sounds like far too much hard work for you, you could instead just find the best Kik groups out there and in yourself.

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If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering what are the best Kik chat rooms and how you could go about finding them. Well, we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that they are plenty of excellent chat groups or chat rooms on Kik Messenger waiting for you to them and start exchanging text messages or picture messages. The bas news is that, very often, those groups do not remain active for too long. Because all Kik chat rooms are created by individual users, they only last for as long as there are people actively using them.

This makes it impossible for us to give you a list of the best Kik chat rooms. What may be a great group right now, kik chat websites not even be up and running anymore by the time you read this and try to it. So, instead of giving you a list of Kik chat rooms that would most probably be obsolete very quickly, we are going to give you a list of characteristics shared by the best chat rooms:.

So, while there is no way of making a list of the best Kik chat rooms available, there are ways of identifying the best ones. The first of a good chat room is that it is alive i. If no one is chatting, you may still want to if you see that the group is recent.

But, if you cannot find a chat room that suits your needs, then why not create your own one following our guidelines?

Kik chat websites

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How to Find Kik Chat Rooms & Kik Groups [ Updated]