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in. Human Sexuality is a complicated, multi-faceted part of our identities. However, we tend to collapse this along relatively few axes for example, Straight to Gay, or Vanilla to Kinkyobscuring much of the complexity of what people are interested in. As part of my longstanding interest in this topic, I recently came across kinklists on Reddit, which are structured data meant to convey what, and to what intensity, people are interested in certain sexual acts of kinks.

A blank kinklist is shown below Figure 1.

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An example is found below. This data, if aggregated on a large enough scale, might be a good opportunity to explore what people are interested in, and what they are not. We can scrape all of these that we find on Reddit using the Reddit API and download the associated image files usually hosted on imgur from the following subreddits, where they are commonly found dppprofilesdirtypenpalsexxxchange.

Once we have these images we can use image processing software ImageJ along with some custom scripts to automatically extract the colors for each item and map them to a five point kink lists, from 1 no to 5 favoritewith omitted values being ignored for the purposes of analysis. There are separate in the standard kinklist although longer and shorter variations exist, they were excluded from this analysisleading to a vector of length which defines the interests of an individual user.

As of June 29th,I have scraped profiles. What follows, arranged loosely into sections, is my attempt to kink lists sense of this data and to see what if anything interesting can be learned from it. Before we begin, I would like to stipulate three brief disclaimers.

First, I am not a statistician, and this is not a rigorous statistical analysis. There will almost certainly be errors and omissions. Second, this sample is likely to be very unrepresentative of the broader population, and so should not be overly generalized. Third, we should remember here that these data reflect what people fantasize about, not what they may want in reality.

In addition, we cannot have any confidence that the people filling these out are who they say they are, and are actually interested in what they say they are interested in. For example, some people identifying as female here may actually be male, and vice-versa. People are likely to mis-report their age. These will introduce a large amount of bias an uncertainty in the data.

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At the bottom of part 3 is a brief note about how to interpret the graphs contained in this series. This series is divided into seven parts so far, with more coming :. Part One: Introduction this. Part Four: Oral and Anal Sex. Part Seven: Pain.

Part Eight: Miscellaneous Fetishes. Glossay of Terms. A note on data privacy.

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These data are publicly available, with links scraped from Reddit and the corresponding data downloaded automatically from Imgur. The only identifying information is kink lists Reddit username, which is itself pseudo-anonymous. Despite this, I have not retained any links between the Reddit username and the data. All extracted vectors are ased a random in place of username, with only the gender and the age if available being retained.

Because turnabout is fair play, I have used my own kinklist above for example purposes, and so I am the only person for whom kinklist data can be matched to in this project. Get started. Open in app. in Get started. Get started Open in app.

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A note on data privacy These data are publicly available, with links scraped from Reddit and the corresponding data downloaded automatically from Imgur. Data Science. More from kink list Follow. More From Medium. Thony in Steady Health. The future of data visualization. Flow Bohl in Towards Data Science. What data scientists need to know about DevOps. Elle O'Brien, Ph. The Birthday Paradox. Israel Imru in GridDB. Joshua Wu, PhD.

Kink lists

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