Ladies wearing nylons

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A woman is showing how well her nylon stockings fit on her legs, and is holding one stocking in her hand. Sweden s. Photo Kristoffersson ref 43K Nylon stockings in the s. This appeared in the Ideal Home magazine 1st May - it was a special edition to mark the Festival of Britain that year. The illustration shows a woman with a ladder in one of her stockings. Often a repair to damaged stocking was clear nail polish and hairspray as they helped to stop a run in the nylon getting longer.

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To actually repair the hole needed hosiery mending thread, a ball point needle and a lot of patience. Advert for a Vitos stocking repair kit, A woman rolls up her nylons in the garden, ca.

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If you ever wondered how the shape and size of the nylon stockings was ladies wearing nylons Pictured here the prototype woman leg in the average size established by a measurement of 10 american womens legs. Established and became the leading manufacturer of silk stockings in sweden.

At this time the company had invested in new machinery to make the popular nylon stockings. Ref BE Nylon stockings in the s. Space for copy Female legs in heart and bow nylons at the Goodwood Revival Screaming dark-haired woman with undercut hairstyle and piercings in her face wearing a blue shiny dress and broken nylons - all on white Background. A potrait of a girls black pantyhose feet while she is sleeping in the couch under a brown cosy blanket.

Woman selling nylon hosiery in the open market in Vitebsk, Belarus. Space for copy Female Tweed Run participant in London preparing to mount up, wearing stockings nylons and high heels. A pair of ladies legs in stiletto heal shoes and blue tights.

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A pair of ladies legs in steletto heal shoes and blue tights. A potrait of a girls black pantyhose feet while she is sleeping in the couch in the living room under a brown cosy blanket. Advert in womens fashion magazine circa Lose-up pair of woman legs in black lace-up boots on laminated floor background. Close-up two pair legs of dancing man and woman in bright red dot skirt and black high heels shoes on laminated floor background. Pictured a female worker with rack of rolls of nylon thread to be used when making Nylon stockings.

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