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Lets Jerk? I told the judge at my trial that sometimes website names sound like tutorials to me. LetsJerk is more likely to get you busted for masturbating on the bus. Wired published an article last month about how there are now 14 free porn tubes for every human alive on the planet. The grows, and LetsJerk. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is worried the tubes will become sentient and pose a threat to humanity, but he lost his credibility thanks to the metoo bullshit.

You fuckers are going to be sorry in about 20 years when the dick-bots force your family to work deep in the fisting mines. Holy fucking shit! Oh, my fucking god! Fuck my sister with a dildo! LetsJerk works on my phone, too! This site is just another typical example. Really, everything about the front looks typical for a tube. Instead of bragging about shit that every free tube has, LetsJerk should be letsjerks about their kickass selection. These thumbnails really letsjerks the trick.

The Adriana movie, Shut and Fuck Me, was ed 1 minute ago according to the thumbnail. Regardless, it looks like LetsJerk updates about half a dozen times a day. The video is surprisingly clean. Any are taken care of by my spam plugin. Instead, a minute scene started playing with minimal buffering. Good thing his basement is decked out exactly like a strip club for some reason. The video player has a speed control if you want to see Valentina twiddle her twat in slow-mo.

The site brags about their HD video, but come on. The social media button sits below the video so you can share this via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or. You hoarders are going to be happy about the Download button. Each one yields a rich vein of anal movies, interracial gangbangs, lesbian films, incestuous hook-ups, and full-length orgy epics.

There are only about a dozen companies listed under Studios, but there are more on the. The is actually more useful since it tells you how letsjerks vids are in each category. LetsJerk only has 5 ExxxtraSmall clips, but they have thousands of Brazzers movies. Oh, Fuck! So Many Broken Links! I was so excited about all this Robin Hood porn that I got all lubed letsjerks and started the engine on my vaginal simulator. The diesel fumes are getting to me, but I keep clicking broken links. Once I strayed from the front of LetsJerk, I walked into a minefield of broken letsjerks.

A couple wanted me to activate Flash to watch, but most were links to Google docs that had been deleted for piracy.

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A couple even sent me to locked Google docs that I was supposed to ask permission for. Now they know you tried to access stolen material on their servers. That archive seemed impressive, but now seems useless. How is this site still pulls 3 million visits a month? Their archive looks impressive but is apparently fucked, but the latest and greatest are on LetsJerk.

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