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If you were a teenage boy in most downloaded nude 90s, you knew that Danni Ashe was erotica's it girl. Starting off as an erotic dancer and nude model, she quickly became a recognisable face online. Born January 16,Danni Ashe began working as a stripper fresh out of high school at the age of 17, using a fake ID.

It was a job she worked for five years in Seattle, before moving to Los Angeles to pose for men's magazines and work in softcore pornographic movies. But her real claim to fame began with the advent of the Internet in the s. With erotic forums on the rise, and the porn industry just finding its feet in a new digital market, Danni realised she had a golden opportunity.

After her husband showed her his company's website, she decided she could build her own website. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't find anyone she thought competent enough to build the site she wanted web developers weren't common back then.

So instead, she read a manual on HTML coding, taught herself programming on a vacation, and built her own website in just two weeks. It was an entire website with her own exclusive content, at a time when pornographic websites were fairly sparse compared to magazines. And Danni Ashe became an Internet sensation overnight, literally.

She's talked about publicising the site to her friends prior to taking a trip, only to reach her hotel a few hours later to a message from her ISP saying Danni. The popular website had to be moved to its own server, and Danni was able to charge for access to premium content.

Not surprising, considering how famous she'd gotten and how accessible most downloaded nude content was. And all of this with mostly softcore porn material, none of which featured any men. In December ofshe was awarded the title of "Most downloaded woman on the Internet", having had her images downloaded over a billion times.

She beat the old record holder, Cindy Margolis, by , downlo. But byDanni felt she'd had enough. She up and sold the website to media investor John Morisano, and then promptly dropped off the grid. She dropped her porn moniker, and likely settled down to a comfortable mid-life somewhere in the US, and no one is really sure where.

She's also given up porn for good, with the only images of her being the ones that made her famous between to the early s. Videos News India. Latest Stories. Science And Future. Human Interest. Social Relevance. Healthy Living. NEWS 2 years ago. And that eventually led to her Guinness World Record. It's an amazing story! And so, Danni's Hard Drive aka Danni.

A pretty great legacy for a self-made Internet star to leave behind. The Conversation 0 Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness. Post Comment. Play Quiz.

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Most downloaded nude

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