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Wear them weeks straight or a few days at a time—you decide. These on-trend universal nude nails can be removed, reappliedpainted, and even reshaped for full customization. Use nail polish remover to rid excess oils optional. Select the best fitting nail for each finger and set aside in order. Apply a layer of glue to the back of the Static Nail. Apply a generous layer of glue to your entire natural nail.

Align under cuticle and press down with your thumb. Customize length and shape optional. TIPS - Apply enough glue to avoid air pockets, secure properly, and extend wear time. If ready, the entire Static Nail will "pop" off instantly. Optional Soak finger tips in hot water for a few minutes to help soften the nails if needed.

To avoid damage and best preserve your set never force or pull off nails. So happy I gave these reusable nails a try! Though it is really cool that you can file and shape them however you like. There is a bit of a learning nails fetish figuring out how much glue to apply, but it gets easier every time. As someone who rarely even paints her nails because they always seem to chip the very next day no matter what I try, it was so nice having good looking nails for almost 2 weeks much longer than I expected them to stay on.

These nails are no joke! I buffed my natural nail a little bit before applying. I've had only one my left thumb pop off while cooking, but it only took another dab of glue to stick it back on. I frequently wash my hands, use lotion, shower, scratch my dog, cook, type, etc. The customer service is also great. I had some nails fetish shipping and they were very communicative with me. I will never go back to the salon again. These nails stay on and are so easy to reshape and paint if you want a color change.

I work as an ER nurse and my hands go thru the wringer.

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On day 15 and they haven't budged. Thanks Static Nails! This is my first time trying Do It Yourself acrylic nails. I researched different brands and stumbled upon Static Nails. Although pricier compared to other brands, I decided to go with Static Nails because I liked the look that I was seeing in the photos. I was torn between the shape style and ended going with round.

The fetish color is gorgeous and on the neutral side that it will match with anything.

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They looked a bit long on me compared to the others so I filed them down a bit but process was easy. I never get compliments from strangers but have so many people ask me who does my nails. When I tell them they are Static glue on nails, they are absolutely shocked. I love love love these nails. I've been wearing these for over a year. Yes, 2 weeks. I'm serious. I have had weak and short embarrassing nails for all of my life and now I can't stop looking at how good my hands look with these.

These nails are much stronger compared to ones you buy at the drug store and the quality is so much better. I don't have the time or patience to deal with a salon so this fits into my busy schedule. Now, being honest here these aren't as durable as acrylics but are nails fetish tough. That said. I wouldn't be able to keep my old job bartending in these, but they would last a decent long time. I do I make my husband open up cans for me for fear of popping one off.

The colors are natural and the polish is like a coat of car paint. Super durable. Once I hit the 10 day to 2 week mark the gloss coating starts to come off on the tips. I've never used glue on nails that even make it to 7 days let alone 2 weeks. Heres my tips to success. Close menu. Non-Toxic Odorless Removers. Liquid Glass Lacquers.

Liquid Glass Lacquer Palettes. Nail Art. Gift Cards. Log in. Write a Review. Customer photos and videos. Sonora Reviewed by Sonora. Verified Buyer. I recommend this product. Nails fetish 5 out of 5. Review posted. Was this helpful? Taylor Reviewed by Taylor. Verified Reviewer. Lasts longer than 7 days These nails are no joke! Liz Reviewed by Liz. Kim Reviewed by Kim. Reviewed by liz k. Step 1. Make sure you push back your cuticles. Step 2: rough up your nail with a file everywhere.

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Nails fetish

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Nail fetish