Naughty schoolgirl stories

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Naughty schoolgirl stories name is Anne Gray and I had just turned 18 and Senior year was getting underway. I will admit I was a bit of a tart and while I had never had full blown sex yet, I had blown quite a bit. I was a cock sucker, my sweet soft lips were natural for it and my cute face and naturally large breasts, dark hair and green eyes and thin frame, made me quite a treat for the fellows lucky enough to hold my attention.

I first sucked a cock when I was 16 and got rather good at it, or considered myself so. Sweet Mr. Dawson I had already checked off a list of naughty things to do to the sweet, nice guys. I remember the first time I put a hard shaft in my mouth. I was 16 years old and it was two weeks before school was going to start back. My boyfriend at the time, Justin, was 18 and was about to go off to college.

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But I was a bit of a rebel and I snuck around my parents backs well enough. We had been going out for a while 6 months in all. And I was just in love with him. He was super nice and really popular. I had already begun to form my breasts far before all the other girls in school, and I guess even if I was just a sophomore Justin found me rather attractive. An older guy was all the rave at my age and I was proud to sport him like some trophy. We had first made out after two weeks of seeing each other and he was a really good kisser. But I really enjoyed making out.

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I enjoyed feeling his warm body against mine. After a while I was more comfortable with it and I would let him even reach under my bra and play with my nipples. I was always on the receiving end, and I never really made any play toward his own sensative areas.

But that day before school started back and he departed for College we were making out on his bed while his parents were away from home, and that is when I had my first experience of sucking cock. We were making out on his bed and we were both enjoying it.

We both knew he would have to leave soon and we both would miss each other badly. I thought it might somehow work out but in the back of both our minds it was never going to work out. During out make out I felt his hand reach under my low cut t-shirt like normal and felt his cold hand slide underneath my bra and cup my breasts, alternatingly. I moaned with pleasure and he smiled. We continued kissing each other on the neck and lips over and over until he began to feel down to between my legs. I was getting wet as normal per our make out sessions, and I trembled a little when I felt him unzip my pants and reach into my panties and inch his fingers closer to my wet pussy.

He began to rub his fingers around my clit and I began to moan heavily. I layed there and soaked up the enjoyment of his fingers playing with my pussy. He slipped his pointer finger in slowly just a little bit. I was so tight I saw his amazement as he only put it in about an inch and moved it up and down quickly while rubbing my clit with his thumb. I began to moan loudly. I began to have so many strange and wonderful feelings in my pelvis and I began to pant heavily.

He continued and kissed my neck over and over again. It was too much for my body and I began to shudder and shake and moan loudly as I climaxed for the first time in my life. He continued to rub my clit as I shook with joy. I closed my eyes and took all the sensations in.

That felt so good. Would you make me feel that good Anne? After being riled up from his good fingering and my very own first climax I was apt to give my boyfriend the same sensations as I had just experienced. After all naughty schoolgirl stories had just made me so happy, it was the least I could do. He began to unzip his pants and moved them down. Then he slowly pushed his boxers down. I had never seen a penis in real life a I looked down at it in amazement. But at the time it looked very large and a bit scary.

He was circumsized and very hard and I looked intently at it. Justin could sense my nervousness about his penis and he kissed me and teased my neck with his sweet pecks then whispered in my ear. I will feel the same as you felt after I played with you. I felt a bit awkward now. I mean, I have never done that before. Justin moved to the side of his naughty schoolgirl stories and sat up. I did as he asked and moved infront of him.

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I looked up at him then at his cock. I moved my hands to it and grabbed it slowly. Justin fidgeted a little as he felt my hands touch his cock for the first time. I held it in place and looked at him, as if asking directions or a word to start my messy journey. He began to moan and then I looked at his face and saw his eyes were closed with joy. I closed my lips tighter around his cock and sucked harder merely on his head.

I pulled off and took a big breath. I began to suck on his cock again my hands just holding his shaft. I sucked on his head and took a bit of his shaft in his mouth. I tried to think of a popsicle as I sucked on his cock and I went a bit further and came back to his head. I looked up and saw naughty schoolgirl stories enjoyed that, so I did it again.

Another squint of pleasure in his eyes, so I did it again and again. Oh yes baby. I felt his naughty schoolgirl stories throb in my mouth and he leaned his head back with joy as I continued to play with his head and a bit of his shaft. Then after breathing heavy for a moment or two he pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked me to play with his balls. Just be gental with them. I figured he had wanted me to use my mouth also so after a moment I went to his balls and kissed them.

But as I moved my mouth toward his balls and after my lips touched his scrotum he began to moan with joy. Fuck yesssssss. I kissed his balls and put some of his scrotum in my mouth and sucked on it softly as if giving a hicky. He continued to moan with pleasure as I kept sucking and kissing his balls. Without a word I moved my head back to his cock and began to suck on it again. In short strokes around his head.

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I held his cock in one hand and with the other I moved to his balls and played with them softly. I thought I tasted something strange in my mouth, but I continued to suck. It was a bit of pre-cum, but I had no idea about it at the time. Cum what was he talking about? I guess that was semen that Mrs. Knell told us about. He was going to put that in my mouth? I was a bit afraid but I wanted to please him so I continued sucking. He placed a hand on my head and moaned loudly. I felt his cock shoot a warm load of sweetly bitter fluids in my mouth. I almost backed away from his cock but his hand kept my head on his member and another naughty schoolgirl stories of his warm goo shot into my mouth.

I tasted it as I sucked and downed a little bit of it. I pulled of of his cock and just kind of sat there. Its actually good for you. It tasted strange but not bad. A little bit of cum seeped out of his head. He held his cock toward my mouth. And so we did. He again fingered me and I again sucked his cock.

But this time he would give me tips each time. Over the last two weeks of summer I sucked his cock over a dozen times or two. Those two weeks turned me into the little cock sucker I am today.

Naughty schoolgirl stories

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