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I was talking to an old friend and I asked when she and her longtime boyfriend were getting married. Meaning that she was bitter that she chose her loser ass baby daddy over the guy she should have been with. I notice that a lot with the women I know or those that for advice, this haunting regret that they took the wrong path and are now fucked romantically. No one knows how life would have been if they went with this person as opposed to that person, we can only guess.

But there is a way for women to have their cake and eat it too. As a man I hate the idea of a girl secretly keeping a safety net around. Once you break up do you want to go through another six months of being lonely while wondering if you should have talked to Victor instead? Do you want to put up with months of giving in to post break up sex with your asshole ex? Do you want to experience the feeling of need dick ex becoming FaceBook official with some other chick a month after the break up? Then keep at least one guy in that phone book and invest in a Back-Up Dick, it helps you avoid the rebound period where you make messy mistakes and better transitions you into a new relationship.

Sometimes you can luck up and say you went to school together, but most need dick the time you have no history with your potential suitor. Create a reason for you to know this guy.

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He fixes cars. He sells weed. He works security at the night club. Every girl knows random guys who they have to interact with. But the smartest reason is the truth… sort of…. When getting into a fresh relationship a guy will be curious as to who else you talk to. You hurt his feelings and insulted his intelligence by thinking he would stick around and play Back-Up Dick.

Never let your B. D know what he is! Women are too fucking honest! That will ruin his ego and if he does end up need dick to you again best believe revenge will be on his mind! And when it does fail guess what happens?

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Test passed. Keep the relationship respectable but still flirty. Keep your B. D as a good friend—not a best friend and never refer to him as your brother.

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I repeat he is not your Fuck buddy. The moment you two start carrying on a sexual relationship you ruin everything. He will remember your birthday, he will call you to make sure you did okay on your exam, where as your real boyfriend probably forgot. I guarantee you that once you fuck your B. D he will stop putting in work, hell he may even move on all together and stop calling you. Because like any man pussy is the magnet.

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He may like you as a friend and be willing to wait it out for a few years, but the moment he fucks you the drive to put in work disappears. You went from being the girl of his dreams to just another cheating hoe he smashed. Like any relationship you need time before you jump back in the water. Your Victor is there to talk to you, wipe your tears, and more importantly help you get over your ex faster than you would have normally. The main reason women go back to their ex-boyfriends is comfort.

D need dick your flaws, still wants to be with you.

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After a month or two you two can take it to the next level. How perfect is that?

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It might work out and your B. Every time a woman decides to be with one man over another a part of her will always question if she made the right choice, and once that relationship ends that regret will grow. Once that happens retire your Back-Up Dick knowing that you made the right decision after all. Some call it being selfish, I call it being smart.

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Need dick

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