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Several students are under investigation for reportedly selling naked pictures of female students at school. But students told CBS 13 the incident involved pictures of nude girls at the school being shared, and even sold, to other students at school. But students told CBS 13 members of the freshman and sophomore football teams were involved.

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Howaniec said she was completely shocked to learn that male students were selling nude and partially nude photos of female students at the high school. Technology in the schools is not necessarily a good thing. And I think this is an example of what can happen.

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But students say hundreds of dollars were made off these nude pictures. And even though the students who did this are minors, the student we spoke with believes whoever sold those pictures broke the law.

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He says Exeter middle and high school students are warned to be careful about what they post on social media. And he says once an image is out there, it can come back to haunt students down the road when they apply for college or a job. The police chief says the discipline will be left up to the school. More articles from the BDN. Next Deputy revives unconscious man after pair beat victim. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

Nh nudes

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