Notable foot fetishists

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The Michelle Ryan "ihaveprettyfeet" pictures, which may be a look-alike is And just when you said to your pedicurist "Make my feet look like Michelle's" here comes Silliman with a footie story.

But fear not. We're going to take you on a Silliman ride full of foot fetishers and toe-hoes with enough crazy songs and weirdos to make you curl your you-know-whats. Enough to give you Tom Dempsey envy. And if you don't know who Tom Dempsey is, please Google. We've collected a bevy of footie folks. Some are sports related, some not. Enjoy the slideshow. Listen to the video and you'll catch something we should both understand: it's a personal matter and he's not going to discuss it. Let's clear this up.

A lot of folks, media included, are supposing the foot lady is a Michelle look-alike, not the real Mrs. If that were the case why doesn't Rex Ryan just say it wasn't her? By constantly saying "It's a personal matter" le everyone to conclude that yeah, they are her feet, they're pretty and it's personal.

Reporters are not going to stop once you say "It's a personal matter. Just because it's personal doesn't mean people don't want to know. The tape only gives a portion of the interview. Here's some of the questions you didn't hear:. Ryan, we know you said it was notable foot fetishists personal matter but Ryan, what notable foot fetishists Jay Cutler of the Bears? Do you think he might forget a few plays thinking about your wife's feet?

Ryan, Tom Brady has a super model wife. If Gisele were to try on your wife's shoes, do you think we'd see a cat fight? Wait a moment. Gisele trying my wife's shoes? Where would this happen? Here's comedian Amy Snowden, who, besides being extremely funny, has beautiful feet. Amy was on stage with me in Austin, Texas during the Laughing Skull contest. She's from Louisiana but now lives in California. In this video Amy sings about men with foot fetishes chasing after her for her tootsies.

Tommy Lee is gaga about ladies foots. The Motley Crew drummer even admits to going into women's shoe shops so he can spy on women's feet. Didn't you always suspect as much? Think about it. When Pamela Anderson was running slow motion on the beach, how was she running? Why, barefooted, of course. And those bare feet were kicking up sand That's why Tommy Lee is listed here. He likes feet. And one set of feet he enjoyed belonged to a lady playing a lifeguard on TV.

That's our sports connection. Says Brooke "I like feet. I definitely have a fetish. I love to see a man's bare foot but it's got to be taken care of. If they're not well manicured you got to wonder what the rest of him is like. I don't want to get in bed with somebody and feel his gnarly feet. And, if so, did they notice Brooke Burke always had open toed shoes? Did they also realize that on her drunken travel TV show "Wild On Can we ask them or QT and TB.

Both these guys seem obsessed with feet. Does either have anything to do with sports? Not much. Tyra played Will Smith's girlfriend oin Fresh Prince and a few episodes dealt with sports. She was in "Love and Basketball" if that counts. Have you had enough weirdness, already? First you have Michelle sticking her tootsies out the car window.

Then we're told it might not be her, some someone with her exact m. Then you have Rex Ryan not denying it's her. If it wasn't her, Rex would have flat out said so. Then we show a genuine toe fetish participant mocking the scene with her "Toe Ho" video. Tip of the iceberg, kiddos. You know where I'm going, don't you-- Foot Patrol. They're all about dogs, gunboats, whatever, they smellabrate the wonders of the foot. Anytime there is a podiatrist convention, Foot Patrol provides the entertainment. They are an Austin band featuring T. J Toe Jam Wade as singer and keyboardist.

He's blind, by the way, but he can love your feet and make move to funky grooves. Producer and bassist Hung Nguyen collaborates on many of their songs. They have sort of a James Brown funky sound. If they get too many, that won't be a problem. They'll autograph the covers then give them to charities to auction off. That's the PR bonus. They will have taken lemons, a potentially embarrassing situation, then converted them into lemonade with lots of money raised for charity. No charity in the world notable foot fetishists say "I'm not taking foot money. Enjoy our content?

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Notable foot fetishists

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