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Able to effortlessly transition from the cosy centrepiece in your living room to a comfy space for a last-minute guest to rest, the sofa cum bed does both in the most stylish way possible. Never have to worry about hosting impromptu guests ever again, with a new elegant sofa come bed that ensures that both you and your guests can have a worry-free, restful night's sleep.

With improvements in sofa cum bed de, transitioning your new sofa bed from sofa to bed and vice versa is a simple one-step process.

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Also, experience a range of new sofa sizes ranging from one to three-seaters, depending on your need. Available in sturdy yet elegant sectionals with classy wood frames, there is online cumshop for everyone in the Urban Ladder collection. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the luxurious feel of your new wooden sofa cum bed that every guest is sure to be thankful for when they enjoy your hospitality.

We keep adding new products to our catalogue. We online cumshop to ensure you are notified when we add great furniture to out catalogue. Sofa des are constantly evolving to be more functional and comfortable while never compromising on style and elegance. Perhaps one of the most practical des to date, the sofa cum bed is a multipurpose functional piece that never goes out of style.

With enough room for you and all your guests in sofa form, the sofa come bed also extends that comfort to your guests should they choose to stay and enjoy your hospitality overnight. Built with sturdy and durable wood frames, take a look at our wooden sofa cum bed collection so you can find the sofa bed of your dreams.

A space-saving piece of furniture, the sofa bed, is a great way to host friends or family without worrying about additional guests coming home. And with incredible deals at Urban Ladder, there is a sofa come bed price that suits every pocket, without ever having to break the bank.

With our convenient delivery options and quality assurances, shopping for a sofa cum bed online has never been easier.

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Accessorise your new sofa bed with stylish throws to create the ultimate cosy atmosphere for you and your guests so that they, too, feel at home in your home. Take a look in our virtual showroom to find the latest sofa set des and bed des with the simple click of a button. Take a look at the space saving sofa cum bed, the perfect multipurpose online cumshop that serves many functions. With Urban Ladder, discover a world of quality furniture all in one place so you can compare and contrast sofa bed des for the living room from the comfort of your own home.

You can also compare costs, materials, colours, and patterns to find a sofa cum bed de that suits your taste and fits in perfectly with your home decor while still being the eye-catching centrepiece of your living room. Always be ready online cumshop host last-minute guests with this multipurpose piece of furniture, with the latest sofa come bed de to keep your guests comfortable through their stay.

Panicking about where your guests are going to sleep when they visit? Making sleeping arrangements for guests can be a lot easier if you add a sofa cum bed to your living room. If your guest room doesn't comfortably accommodate a full-size bed, a sofa bed is just thing for your home. Here are some reasons why you should buy a sofa bed online:. Choosing sofa beds online can be tricky business. You must ensure that you understand exactly how they function to ensure that they suit your space. Here are some things to consider:. Here at Urban Ladder, we have the largest set of sofa bed des in different colours, materials, and mechanisms.

Some of our sofa-cum-beds look and feel exactly like regular sofas while providing you with the required dual functionality. Others not only transform into beds but also offer storage underneath. Some sofa beds turn into single beds while others turn into double beds. Some even transform into the most comfortable lounge chairs for you to snuggle in. Here are some of the sofa beds available online:.

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So depending on what you need your sofa bed to do when not on bed duty, choose from our wide range of sofa beds to do online cumshop your home. Limited space at home should not be an impediment to experiment with visually appealing and creative furniture pieces.

Though sofa sets continue to remain popular, ergonomically deed smart furniture pieces like a sofa bed de can add tremendous value to your living space. At Urban Ladder, we have compiled a list of modern sofa cum bed des that will be ideal for your home:. It can be a bit perplexing to decide on your ideal bed sofa online.

With a range of options across the board in terms of des, material, and sizes, a sofa bed online shopping experience can leave you a bit jaded. Efficient use of space requires selecting the ideal sofa bed size based on the required seating capacity. For a small urban apartment, the options for sofa sizes can range from single seat sofa bed to three-seater sofa bed. Check out the below-mentioned list of sofa cum bed sizes that will be ideal for your home:. With houses getting smaller, the world is adopting a modular approach. We present a range of modular customisable sofa sets that easily open up to form a bed and at other times can be folded to save valuable space.

Choose from sleeper sofa, corner sofa bed and L shaped sofa cum bed and determine the right sofa cum bed price for your home by taking all important factors online cumshop consideration. A red sofa is no longer just an eye-catching statement piece, instead, it doubles as a handy foldable sofa bed. Find your perfect foldable sofa online on Urban Ladder today! Browse from the comfort of your home for the most hassle-free shopping experience with Urban Ladder!

Sofa Cum Bed 39 Products. Filters - Sofa Cum Bed 39 Products.

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Price Clear. Exclude Out Of Stock. Get notified when we add new products in these. Sofa Cum Bed 39 Options. Don't show these suggestions to me again. Add to Compare View 5 options. Add to Wishlist. Edo Sofa Cum Bed Blue.

Add to Compare View 3 options. Add to Compare View Product. Add to Compare View 4 options. Edo Sofa Cum Bed Online cumshop. Add to Compare View 8 options. Edo Sofa Cum Bed Grey. Add to Compare View 9 options. Add to Compare View 2 options. Felicity Sofa Cum Bed Grey. Salford Storage Sofa Bed Brown. Felicity Sofa Cum Bed Cream. Felicity Sofa Cum Bed Yellow. Thanks for subscribing!

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Have an ? to explore great des. Forgot Password? Don't have an ? View all Customer Stories. Browse Popular. Sofa Cum Bed Price List. Wooden Sofa cum Bed Des The wooden sofa cum bed is a classic and timeless beauty. Add to that the convenience of a foldable bed, and this becomes a multipurpose piece as well.

The latest in wooden sofa come bed de comes with all the newest features of a sofa bed while never compromising the old world charm of your classic wooden furniture. Modern Sofa Bed Des For a modern home, a classy sofa set is the way to set your living room apart. Available in many sleek des, the modern sofa cum bed is a comfortable yet stylish piece that fits in very well with modern home interiors while also being space saving with its inconspicuous de.

Corner Sofa Des A sectional sofa is an excellent option if you would like to maximise the space utilisation in your home. Featuring a unique L shape sofa cum bed de, this fantastic online cumshop bed de allows you to use every corner of your living room so you can make the space look effortlessly airy and spacious.

Folding Sofa Bed Des There is no more ificant boon than the foldable sofa cum bed to save on space in compact urban homes. Serving as both a luxurious sofa and the most comfortable bed one could ask for, this fantastic sofa bed can be stowed away or set up in a single simple step! Complete the elegant decor in your living room with intricately woven carpets and finely crafted decorative items to truly create an atmosphere of elegance in your living room. Here are some reasons why you should buy a sofa bed online: Space saving : This can be a replacement for a regular sofa or additional seating and help you make the most of the space available.

Some sofa beds also double up as a lounge chair for sipping that perfect cup of tea with a book in hand. Multi-utility : When you have no guests, you can use it as a sofa and the room can online cumshop a den, study, or music room. When you have someone staying over, you can transform the sofa bed into a proper bed and let them sleep comfortably.

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