Penis size fetish

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Podcast: Play in new window Download. Men everywhere worry about the size of their penis.

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Delia and Olivia, two Femdoms explore the issue of penis size and discuss everything from measuring to SPH to penis growth in this exciting podcast episode. Olivia : Welcome to the weekly hotspot Kink conversation. BDSM advice. Insight from the worlds of distance domination and phone sex. So ms Delia seat. Any good Dick pics recently? Delia : Me either. Me either. To be honest. Olivia : Penis size fetish quick disclaimer to those listening. If you are not into erotic humiliation and are genuinely uncomfortable with your penis size, not in a good fun way, but in a bad way, then you might want to be very cautious about listening to the podcast.

So, I guess the overall question is, Ms. Delia, your thoughts on the fascination about penis size? Delia : Oh, I think so much about this. I really do. And that just never goes away. I was reading a really great article in psychology today. I loved it. A therapist talks with both men and women and what I kind of gleaned from that was that women are pretty okay with penises, but penis size matters to the vast majority of men. It was almost like a polar opposite kind of thing.

And in all honesty though, I have to say this, I wish men would stop being so concerned with their penis size and be so much more concerned with their performance in bed. Because to me, and I think to womankind that matters so much more! Performance over size! Come on guys. I want a monster cock and my sopping wet hotwife pussy. But I have had men that are nine inches that are suck ass, horrible, fucking lovers.

And trust me, dick picks. Do not make a woman come. I am fascinated by sizes, right? Who gets to decide what is small? I think all of these people that do this, just a perverts, and they just penis size fetish to look at dicks.

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I would get paid to look at dicks. Oh wait, I already get paid to look at dicks. So, I actually looked up the methodology of penis size. Some of the study titles are hysterical. Which one do you like? So basically they had dildos there. Olivia: Exactly. But probably not even as good looking is a dildo with just a 3D model. Delia: How interesting. Almost half of the men that we speak to that are listening to us think penis size fetish they are small! Olivia: Well, if they are listening to this podcast. Think about it. Delia : Right, right.

I mean Cosmopolitan had this great article that talked about how much does penis size matterand guys candidly volunteered… That blew me away. They volunteered to talk about their small penises. There were three or four guys and there was actually one guy in this article who discussed that because he had a small penis.

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He actually throughout his life developed a small penis fetish and he does things like use his Twitter. His Twitter is about small penis humiliation and small penises, submissive men with small penises. You know?

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Me as a genuinely loving, kind, sweet person, I can be both a strict femdom and genuinely sweet person. Olivia : A lot of people are listening via Apple podcast. Thank you so much.

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To the people who already left a review, feel free to create another. Leave another review. You will find the transcript on our blog, TheWeeklyHotSpot. Thank you so much for doing this. And now back to our conversation about penis size. I speak to some men who actually like something called small penis acceptance. So important to think about those guys who just want their penis accepted.

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Can you help me to shrink it? Some people want to make their junk smaller in part because having a little penis can be so arousing. So for example, sissy chastity is an example of that. Think about it being small, being locked away. I think that is totally on point. The small penis is completely what you need to have for so many kinks and fetishes. Olivia: In the cosmopolitan article, that guy that you talked about that has the small penis humiliation Twitterhe actually talked about wanting to have his penis smaller.

The size of the cuckold is immaterial to the feelings of inadequacy. I bet a lot of our listeners are actually wondering right now that very question, is my penis too small? Penis size fetish how about a little penis measurement How To. Go and get a tape measure or a ruler, something penis size fetish actually has s on it.

Or you can cut a little piece of string and have like a ruler or a tape measure or something that you can measure the string, whatever works better. Start your measurement at the base of your penis, right where the penis meets the pubic bone. So do this on top of your penis, not underneath! On top. And then run the ruler, the string or the tape measure along the full length of the penis from the base to the tip.

That is also known as the glans. Do not measure excess for skin. Get that string again. Just wrap that around the shaft of the penis. You could do it at the base, but I like to do it around the midpoint, like between the shaft and the head.

So no cheating, no overlapping, just right where that tape measure starts is where you find your. Write that down. And so now you should have a set of s that will really help you to see where you fall in terms of penis size.

So are you small? Like what the fuck, who cares how big you are or how smart you are flaccid. Delia : Absolutely. You know what I mean? Just average. And then the, the studies say that larger than six inches a penis to be erect and then six inches is rare. What the fuck are you kidding me? I really think that someone has to be skewing the sample somehow. Maybe to cover up for the fact that they have a really tiny penis. Do you think those women are skewing the sample?

Do you think those women are lying about penis size? I honestly think that most hetero women who watch porn have to be impressed by larger cocks. Now personally I have had cocks from less than three inches all the way up to 9. And I am always honest with men. The smaller side does not impress me. Size does matter. Olivia : Do you personally have a minimum length or size?

Delia : Yes, I do. Yes, yes I do. For penis, vagina sex, I think my favorite length is seven inches.

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Just a little scotch more maybe 7. But I think the minimum for me is six and a half inches because for me, with my vagina depth, that is just enough to get those deep, deep orgasms in certain positions. But girth is a factor too. I have to tell you. I would rather be filled and have that feeling of fullness instead of like a long but slender, like, like a pencil dick. Just giving that Ooh, sexy squeeze and feeling that girth in that moment. Oh, it just, it makes me so wet. And that to me is pretty fascinating. Olivia : I also have a minimum size. My comments are very much like yours.

I want to mention I married a man because of his penis size. Nine and a half, 10 inches, like huge and thick. And this great big round mushroom had.

Penis size fetish

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