Rules for a sub to live by

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Freebies Get the Book Learn Rope. Coming up with submissive rules for your sub to follow is a really fun part of a dom sub relationship. They are set by the dominant in the relationship, creating a somewhat of a structure to the dom sub relationship. However, if you find yourself wanting your sub to cook for you often, then you can make this command into a formal rule such as. These are all rules because they happen each and everytime the situation arises without exception. The types of submissive rules you set depend upon your personal dominant style. BDSM rules should be set which serve to sustain and grow this dynamic, and both parties are benefiting from, not just the Dom.

Without further ado, here are some examples of good rules for subs you can start incorporating into your dom sub relationship. You might think the rules you give to your submissive are deed to make her do what you want. SOME rules are just that.

Things that make your life as a dominant easier, as well as things you want sexually. However, you should also remember that your role as a dominant is to care for, and help your sub grow as a person. And therefore you probably want some rules for your sub which are deed to encourage that. This rule would be perfect for a submissive who is unable to switch off, gets stressed easily, rules for a sub to live by is not good at caring care of herself because she is constantly making sure you, and other people, are cared for.

They may also:. There are many articles on the internet which list all the basic rules for a sub you could use, but they were somewhat scattered, and I found myself trawling many websites, copy and pasting into Google Sheets, and then categorising, rewording, and adding my own.

Some of the rules for the sub were not compatible with my style of play. As an example, a basic rule for a submissive slave style relationship might be:. Some basic rules for submissives I read were spot on, and did reflect my kinks and desires for a partner. For example, the rule. Not only do you have to factor in the type of dominant you are and the type of submissive she is, but you also need to think about your experience levels. If your submissive has been practising BDSM for years, then what she considers a basic sub rule is probably going to be different from what a beginner submissive deems basic.

Likewise, the submissive might have a hard limit when it comes to anal play, regardless of her experience level. And so any basic sub rules which the dominant wants to do with anal must be taken off the table. Deciding on your list of basic rules for is a matter of personal preference, and the list you have with one submissive may not be the list or rules you use for another submissive.

When should you set your sub rules? Do you write them down on a piece of paper? Store them electronically? Tell them to your sub one by one? And what types of sub exist? I also incorporated rules from a dom sub relationship which I enjoyed. I then listed out the submissive rules in a document on my computer. I want her to ENJOY following the rules remember being a dominant is not just about serving yourself which is why these discussions and good communication is important. Submissives in the past would also have ideas for rules perhaps from dominants, or perhaps just something they enjoy doing for you and brings them pleasure.

Those would be added to the list. After some back and forth this is rules for a sub to live by having a shared Google doc you can both edit is greatI had a good starting list of rules for my sub, and we were both in agreement on them.

And here are some rules we use when you go to kinky events mainly for safety reasons :. And if I was in a longer term Dom sub relationship then I would add more rules to ensure both my sub wa a growing as a person, as well as the relationship. As the sub learns the new rules I re-enforce their positive behaviour with rewards a part of their submissive training.

Pick a style which you prefer.

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It makes little difference. The first style has the benefit of being an affirmation of sorts, something which your submissive might enjoy reading each day. My only advice would be to stick to one format when writing your list of rules for a submissive. Mixing them can make it a little more difficult to read and learn the rules. This emphasises the dynamic at play, the capitals ifying who has the power.

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Below is a list of submissive rules which you can use to get ideas. As always, pick the ones what most suit the type of dominant you are and best suit the dom sub relationship you have. Some rules fall into multiple rules, but you get the idea. Some of them contradict each other, and there are far too many.

I like to give my sub rules which make my life better, her life better, our sex life better, and work towards building something we both love doing.

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I suggest you show this list to your sub and go through the rules together. Take the rules which jump out at you, get you a little bit excited or intrigued, and begin incorporating them into your daily life. Thank you for more brilliant information. We are going from strength to strength rapidly with our new lifestyle thanks to your amazing website. This was a great list of ideas to incorporate into my life.

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It is something I can give my husband to see if we can find a compromise to get started with this new lifestyle. Glad it was useful, Alicia. Remember to start with just a handful of rules to begin with and master them. I broke a command of continuing to text my Master when he had told me not to disturb him.

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He later told me he was not upset with me anymore. I miss read this as been able to continue. He has since told me he will not tolerate forgive or accept my disobedience and has cut of contact with me. I have been commanded never to contact him again. This was 3 days ago. I have not contacted him. Any suggestions on how to get him back please? Your Dom cutting you out like this with no forgiveness, communication or leniency suggests he may be a Fake Dom. Your role as a sub is not to blindly follow your Dom or be emotionally manipulated.

Thank you for your insight I have read the article and am seeing some of this traits. A lot more are not there though. I will definitely take them all into consideration. I love your site and will definitely continue to follow you as I go into this new endeavour in my life. Download my free 9 step practical quickstart workbook for beginner doms and subs. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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Table of Contents. Get your copy today. Categorising rules for subs The types of submissive rules you set depend upon your personal dominant style. Slave rules : Some dominants enjoy setting more master or Kajira types of rules, where their submissive acts as a slave and performs acts of service. The purpose of these rules is to ensure you as the Master are having your life made easier, or being worshipped by your slave. These rules would be given and enforced during a period of slave training. about how to be a good submissive slave. Sex rules.

If you are strictly in a sexual BDSM relationship dynamic, then the rules you will want are more explicit. Orgasm denial or rituals for the bedroom make up the majority of them. House rules. If you enjoy a BDSM dynamic out of the bedroom then having rules for the house is very fun. These rules can be part sexual e. Public rules.

Rules for a sub to live by

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