Safe breathplay

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New to BDSM practices and need a little guidance? The first time I experienced breath play I was a little nervous, until I realised I was about to have a mind-blowing orgasm. As with all BDSM, breath play requires an enormous amount of communication. Breath play involves temporarily restricting the airways during sex for heightened arousal and sexual pleasure. For some, the appeal of breath play is all safe breathplay the euphoric sensations they get when they restrict the airways just before orgasm. This is sometimes referred to as erotic asphyxiation. When it comes to any kind of power play, anticipation is half the fun.

My one piece of advice to make breath play fun is to take things slow and go at your own pace. A safeword should always be used during any kind of kink play but speaking can become restricted during breath play. The solution to this is a safe gesture. Fantasies can remain just that, a fantasy! Execution is key here. Your position, eye contact and words will all play a role in taking your partner to that place of sweet euphoria.

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Use your assertive voice. Tell them what you want them to do with strict instructions. Your stern look and commanding voice will make breath play all the more thrilling for your Sub as they feel totally overpowered by you. If this feels a little too much, you can try holding your own breath to experience the same rush of euphoria. This keeps the power play dynamics flowing but allows the Sub more control over the physical nature of this kink.

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Talk your partner through it, look into their eyes and play on their feelings. One hand firmly around the neck leaves another free for exploring all those erogenous zones. Slowly making your way down to their penis or clitoris as they patiently wait for their next breath, safe breathplay what really makes breath play a powerful tool for mind-blowing orgasms. We hope you have fun experimenting with these BDSM breath play methods at home. If you want to find out more about kink play, stay tuned with our upcoming events and workshops on all things BDSM and kink.

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Safe breathplay

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How to Practice BDSM Breath Play Safely