Sluttiest girl names

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General ยป General Discussion. Site Notices. Next. Know what I mean? You just know they're bad! Post your favs Tiffany Chastity Amanda Melissa. Bambi Brooke Angel Stacy. Trixie Cheyenne. Hillary ranks right up there, but Sunny, Star and Jasmine were the hottest trio on the brass pole and swing when I was younger. I can't say I've thought of any particular name as sounding "slutty.

Valerie Dawn Nikki Tiffany. Jessica Although I used to know of a girl named Connie Lindquist. Cruel or naive parents, huh? I like that one Jamie kara. Let's not forget Karin Karin used to play the skinflute for me on a park bench in the Berlin Zoo Mona Quoted: Let's not forget Karin I promise you she wasn't a guy Anything ending in a vowel. Some of my favorites if you know what I mean Gina Keri Tricia. It all depends on who you know. Melissa is one of the nicest girls I know so no slut there. Out of the 25 or so departments in the OKC area she has done 25 or so.

Including inmates. I dated a girl name Peaches. No that is not a nickname. That was on her birth certifcate. Mom and Dad was a hippy type from Santa Cruz. Everyone sluttiest girl names she was a stripper. She was actually a marketing rep for Cuervo. Yes the Tequilla. Both are pretty slutty names [: ]. I've never met a Brandy or a Candy that wasn't a slut.

Some have even tried, Brandi or Candi, still sluts. Personally, I think the substitution of an 'i' for the 'y' adds to the sluttiness, not subtracts from it. Quoted: Personally, I think the substitution of an 'i' for the 'y' adds to the sluttiness, not subtracts from it. Tina Nell Any thing that is an adjective. Any name preceded by the words "Dirty" and "Anal". It's swahili for doggie-style. Quoted: "My name's Dashiki. Crystal Every "Crystal" I have ever met would qualify as easy ass. Kacey NsB. Pussy Galore.

Quoted: Pussy Galore. Buffy Heather.

Quoted: Mona Oh come on guys Mercedes Porsche Star. My ex's name. Should I be offended that my girlfriend, my sister, and my niece all have their names posted above?? Veronica Rachel Carissa Marissa. Dude, that was a GUY! View Quote Absolutely. There is a TV at my place of employment with that "new" name Donna and Lisa. Favorite Jersey chick names. I could be wrong I usually am. View Quote Bwaaaaaa

Sluttiest girl names

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