Submissive chats

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our members in sharing your own experience and asking questions of others. Check out the forums as a great place to make contact with other Doms and subs.

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We offer a of chatrooms featuring open chat, scheduled topic chats and a book group. Please note that members must be logged in to activate and access the live chat feature.

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Visit the Live Chat. Mester and I have been lucky to know HL and missy from before they set up this site.

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It was with anticipation and excitement we learned about their plans to start up a new kink online community. I owe my newfound self and sense of feeling free as a submissive to this site. HL and Missy are great individuals who are both caring and understanding with the ability to relate to individuals. We were welcomed to the club by Missy and HisLordship when we ed a scheduled chat and the rest as they say is history.

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The club members are friendly and welcoming, and the chats are lively and informative. The blog has lots of interesting articles and MrH was persuaded to contribute his own experience as a new Dom to the archives. The resources available and the online community have helped build and strengthen our dynamic beyond what we could have achieved alone. It is not a dating site and there are some Club Rules which we would ask that you read and observe.

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We should point out that we are all learning in this lifestyle and information is shared based on the experience of the individuals who are choosing to share it. We recognise that we can all learn from others, but do not hold ourselves as experts or advisers. Address. About WordPress. View Calendar. We offer a variety of features including:.

Visit the Blog.

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Visit the Forums. Recent Posts:. Play, scenes and kink. Play, scenes and kink Tell Me About. Guest Posts. Finding out what works for you Build a relationship which fits with your personality and lifestyle. Recent Replies What are your favourite pervertables?

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Jul What are our members are saying about us? Iris and Mr HamD Norway. In a busy life we try to in on the weekly chats, fun yet professionally hosted. Vixen Lee USA. Sweetgirl UK. Purple Sole and littlegem UK. A little bit of site information. Submissy For writing from a female submissive perspective, visit Submissy. We are on Twitter Follow thesafewordsclb.

Submissive chats

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