Tattoo fetish

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For our purposes, lets loosen the fetishistic terminology and assume in this case a tattoo fetishist is someone who gets turned on by tattoos. Simple and to the point. On a person, tattoos can be self-arousing.

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Some people get off when getting tattoos. It could have aspects of masochism and pain fulfillment, enjoyment and arousal of the tattooing sensation, or even a visual arousal seeing themselves covered in ink. Tattoos are edgy and taboo. Many find the danger and adventurousness surrounding tats arousing, and ink is often associated with a bad boy or the bad girl. There is a lot of psychologically arousing material to explore with tattoos. A perfect example of how much the public finds tattoos erotic are the Suicide Girls.

Not suicidal females — instead, these are empowered, tatted women who act in softcore erotic tattoo fetish. What tattoo fetish out as a small website exploded into a huge empire with over 2, featured models, books, DVDs and burlesque tour. Not sure if this is your thing? Google Suicide Girl images and see for yourself. I overheard it and everyone in my family is being really secretive and weird about it.

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Tattoo fetish

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