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Robert near the house of Emma. He lived alone in his apartment. He was a sales manager in a Super store. He was a short tempered man. He used to drink when he came back home. He had a dog named Jemmy but he did not look after him properly.

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He did not give him to eat properly. Emma had a little daughter named Michelle of age 10 used to bring that dog in the morning and give him his special food to eat and her daughter used to play with him after school.

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UK Girls Whatsapp s: She was very loving and kind hearted person who loved to take care of every living being. One day Emma saw that the dog was standing outside the apartment in snow and the dog was trembling with cold, it was pretty obvious that if the dog stayed out for long he would dies of cold. UK Girls Whatsapp s: The man was behaving so mean that he did not agree to take the dog inside his home. Emma tried to call him but he was drunk and did not reply.

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He opened the door and Emma asked to take his dog inside because he was suffering from cold. The man did not bother about what Emma said to him.

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Then Emma took Jemmy in her house, gave him a bowl full of hot milk with beaten eggs added to it ,then she gave him the medicine that she could find and looked after him all the night. When she returned home, she saw Mr. Robert at her door step. He was asking for his dog but the dog did not want to go with him and so Emma refused to send him back with that cruel and selfish man.

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The court provided her with the legal possession of the dog. Robert as a fine for his mean and unjust behavior towards the animals especially pets. UK Girls Whatsapp s: Emma refused to take the compensation and requested the court to give the compensation to a nearby shelter where stray animals and the abandoned pets were provided with shelter and food, and that is exactly what the court did.

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