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It's not a fetish. It's an indicator of stability and loyalty. Less partners means you're taking yourself more seriously and more likely to have longer-term relationships than the other girls. Being a Virgin means that you haven't been emotionally ruined by other men.

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You're more trusting, more forgiving, you will form a tighter bond and sense of connectedness with me. This is, of course, assuming that the guy is genuinely looking for something serious. You don't need to have had sex to not have had bad experiences with guys or to have trust issues.

Being a virgin is absolutely NOT an indicator of loyalty either. Because having your hymen justifies sucking his brother's dick Asker, these guys are crazy tbh. Really, really crazy and irrational. Things just don't always work out in your favor. Your statement is inherently sexist and I will not stand by it, considering you claim "emotionally ruined", like what the fuck is that?

The problem with a lot of people, particularly females, is that they have a "pack" mentality and they get rather stubborn. I supplied you with an opinion. Every opinion has holes in it but that's why you ask questions, to fill in the gaps. I said virgin fetish is an Indicator, not absolute. Is it true that all women who dress in men's clothing are lesbians? So yeah, read between the lines, sweeties. I could have written you a book that virgin fetish every facet of my opinion in expansive breadth and detail but I didn't, for the obvious reasons.

ManThatKnewTooMuch finally some reason. You chose to do that all on your own, so I reserve the right to comment on it as I please. Your points make no sense and are unreasonable but of course, it's your opinion and that's that. Next time you want to share your opinion, please place it in the opinion box, NOT on own response.

You're just upset that I'm not agreeing with you. Don't be. I'm trying to be as respectful as I can.

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You've been antagonistic about my response to your comment and I don't really understand why. Maybe you've experienced a lot of hurt in your life as you've alluded to, obviously you're a virgin because you've already mentioned that so I feel it's safe to assume THAT is virgin fetish reason why you feel so strongly about your position. Just remember that I'm giving a thought-out rebuttal to your answer. You can't just go around hate-mongering I feel that you cannot relate to my position because you aren't a girl who is also a virgin.

Even though technically, your viewpoint makes me more attractive to a group of guys, it's really disrespectful to other women. Your views make the assumption that non-virgins are emotionally ruined, a concept that just doesn't seem right to me. You of course are entitled to your own opinion, but I really don't see why you placed it on my response.

You really should have created your own post. Again, I'm speaking in generalizations. I'm not assuming ALL women are "ruined. As for why I posted on your opinion- It just made me sad to see read such a jaded response. You're implying that a greater of women who don't wait are emotionally ruined Do you have statistics? Or is this something you just "feel" to be true? Your comments, tbh, have only further convinced me that I made a mistake in waiting.

Oh, and I just thought I'd add it's actually been scientifically virgin fetish that a woman's brain releases a chemical that causes her to bond with her partner during sex, and that this release gets smaller with each subsequent partner. After several partners, the effect is negligible. You should already know this, though CommieKiller: I'm sure that's okay with her - me and 13 others upvoted it anyway.

So it's all good, sugar plum. My comments are based off of experience. You know how many women have horror stories? Personal friends who I've known for years confess to me about how they've been hurt. Women on GAG confess about ways they've been hurt. It's not far-fetched to assume that these women, like any normal human being, maybe carry these negative experiences with them into their next relationships.

This is what I meant by the word "ruined. I just think that men do not usually virgin fetish the way women do because of the whole "player" mentality. I also wasn't implying anything about non-virgins. I was simply stating reasons why men sometimes prize virginity.

There is a sort of idealism that's associated with it. Some men don't even care about the idealism, they only cringe when they hear a woman's high partner count. CommieKiller I know how oxytocin works Also one of the comments below rebut your point That blog doesn't virgin fetish reputable at all and seems to have an agenda. ManThatKnewTooMuch but what does that have to do with sex?

Were these women raped? How are you linking sex as the cause of this emotional trauma? CommieKiller I love how it's a woman's responsibility to remain a virgin, but not a man's responsibility to abstain from "immoral" acts.

That seems fair. CommieKiller You shouldn't claim you have studies to back up your statements if you cannot provide that evidence when asked. That's cheap. Sex is what usually binds a relationship. Maybe the S. Yes, you can be emotionally traumatized with someone you're not having sex with but the idea is that it hits closer to home when you've become intimate with someone in a relationship. Of course, there are some people that are just loose to begin with that never form these bonds Having romantic feelings and acting on them makes people in relationships different than people who are just friends.

You don't need sex to separate friendships from romantic relationships. Abuse, cheating And these things occur across the board. Virgins in a relationship can go through emotional cheating, physical cheating via kissing or whatever, as well as abuse.

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The possibilities are endless, just as you said. Your first paragraph isn't all that convincing. I agree with your second point; sharing sex and then being betrayed might make it worse. But again, the sex itself doesn't seem to be at the root of the emotional trauma. Like I said, it's an idea, a generalization, guys are hoping for the best when they seek virgins or women with virgin fetish low of sexual partners That's all it is. Can you see my point?

CommieKiller If you cannot see how this type of mindset objectifies women, then I cannot help you. I doubt that your disappointment trumps my own. CommieKiller Actually, i feel like this type of mindset objectifies virgins. But thanks for the name-calling. It's really shining a light on your character. I wonder if you call men who have sex with multiple people whores too Those ideas don't seem very legitimate. It doesn't have to be virgin fetish. Lots of people have different ideas about things for no reason.

I stated one of those reasons. Nothing more, it's what the QA asked for. I'll give you one true example: There's this girl I dated, friend of a friend. Does she sound like the kind of girl a serious guy should value? I found out recently from my friend that this girl jumps from relationship to relationship and that she cheats. That's why I look for virgins or girls with low partner counts. Actually, TBH, I don't even look for virgins anymore. That's impossible to find in a woman my age and I'm not about to date a high school girl. But the idea is that the lower of partners a girl has then the less likely she is to bounce from guy to guy or cheat.

Virgin fetish

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Virgin fetish