What is a feeding fetish

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Specifically, he likes to be fed.

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We count our macros. We work out at the gym. Should I talk to my new crush about the potential dangers of this fetish? What should I say? The intended weight gain varies from couple to couple, from a few pounds to 50 or more. Sometimes one partner the feeder will literally feed the other the feedeespooning food into their mouth. In other relationships, the feeder simply provides prepared food for the feedee to eat. In our fitness-centered, youth-worshipping culture, this fetish may seem extreme. Why would anyone want to gain weight? And why would you want your partner to look fat?

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The thing is, unless your crush asked you to participate in some way, your opinion about feederism is irrelevant. Your concern may well be for him and his health. We believe that being overweight is the same as being unhealthy. The reality is that health is much more complex than that.

Adults who engage in fetishes are typically pretty well educated about the risks of their activities.

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When they consent to participate, they are weighing the potential negative outcomes against the pleasurable experience. Sometimes folks will gain so much weight that other health problems are exacerbated, or their mobility is negatively impacted. But most of the time, consensual feederism is just one more type of kink that folks find sexy, sensual, and fulfilling. Curious about cunnilingus? Anxious about anal? Do you have questions about queefs or problems with your prostate? Send her a question at mkesex gmail.

What is a feeding fetish

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